The Most Common Words In Spam Email

The most common word in spam emails, you might be surprised to learn, isn’t Viagra, Vi@gra, or even V!@gr@. It’s “shipping!” (The exclamation mark is the spammer’s, not ours.)MessageLabs, the email-filtering company that Symantec acquired in 2008, posted a set of word maps today measuring the frequency of terms in spam emails from a random one-week sampling of junk mail pulled from the most prolific spam-spewing botnets. The top six words, according to its numbers, are the following. see:San Francisco lawyer awarded $7,000 from email spammer
A judge has awarded a San Francisco attorney $7,000 in damages in a rare trial under California’s anti-spam law – $1,000 for each unsolicited, misleading commercial e-mail he received.Daniel Balsam, who started suing spammers even before he graduated from law school in 2008, filed suit against Trancos Inc., a Redwood City advertising company, over a series of ads that showed up in his personal e-mail in-box in 2007.

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