The iPhone: It’s chic, smart and cool, but is it about to lose its mojo?

A growing number of tech experts are predicting that the iPhone is in danger of losing the “smart phone wars” to an upstart operating system from Google, in a dramatic reversal of fortune for one of the world’s coolest hi-tech products.For many people the iPhone is still the last word in digital chic. Its sleek style and touch screen changed the way many used their mobile phones.Next month Apple’s device will be launched on a second phone network in the US, making it available to millions more customers. The news has created a huge buzz and some have whispered that Apple might one day become the first trillion-dollar company in the world. So this should be a great time for Apple’s irascible chief executive Steve Jobs. Or it would be if not for the growing commerical clout of Google’s Android.To read this opinion piece in The Observer in full, see:

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