The Internet Trends for 2016

Smart, Mobility, New Work and Entertainment are the trend topics in 2016, according to eco – Association of the Internet Industry. “The Internet industry has grown from a small niche market into a major impulse generator for innovation and growth. There are hardly any businesses, in any sector, that can function without the Internet today. The network of networks is now metamorphosing into a master of all things”, says eco CEO Harald A. Summa.Internet as the foundation for the Smart worldIn the Smart world, the Internet will no longer be just a part of our lives as it is now, but will serve as the foundation of almost all other activities – both private and professional, predicts the eco boss. The all-embracing digitalization is not only shaking up industry after industry, but is also penetrating all areas of our private lives. The Smart home is an example of this development. “In 2016 we’re going to see that island solutions such as apps for turning on and off the lights and media centers will merge into Smart ecosystems.”

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