The internet is broken. You can blame sharks. And Netflix

Bad news: The internet ran out of space on Tuesday. Worse news: Sharks are eating what is left.Thankfully, it is not as bad as it sounds. Yet. But there are some existential threats to the internet on the horizon, and there are worse ways of putting it than to point out that the whole thing is full up.On Tuesday, a small collection of out-of-date routers, in charge of mapping out routes using the internet’s backbone of physical cables, failed. The routers use a system called the border gateway protocol, or BGP, to track these routes, of which there are around half a million. see:Internet infrastructure ‘needs updating or more blackouts will happen’
Experts have warned of more internet blackouts after a crash disabled eBay in northern Europe this week, as the decades old systems used to organise the world wide web creak under the sheer weight of new devices and websites.The web passed a milestone in its relentless growth on Tuesday: traffic across a key element of the internet reached unprecedented levels and caused meltdown for some of the older pieces of equipment which keep information flowing.

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