The Internet and the Recession

Overview: Some 69% of all Americans have used the internet to cope with the recession as they hunt for bargains, jobs, ways to upgrade their skills, better investment strategies, housing options, and government benefits. That amounts to 88% of internet users.The internet ranks high among sources of information and advice that people are seeking during hard times, especially when it comes to their personal finances and economic circumstances. Broadband users are particularly likely to use the internet more than some other sources. At the same time, broadcast media outpace the internet as sources of news about national economics and broadcast sources still overshadow the internet among all Americans for information and advice related to their personal financial circumstances.Most people consult multiple sources of information and support as they are trying to devise personal strategies to meet challenging times. They are “networking” through family, friends, experts, and information sources as they try to make sense of what has happened to the economy and the policy solutions that are proposed.The 52% of Americans who have been hard hit by the recession – those who have seen their investments and house values plummet, or faced struggles in the job market – are in key respects different information seekers than those who have not been seriously affected.To download this Pew Internet & American Life Project report in full, see:

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