The Impact of 4G on the U.S. Economy – Part 1

4G technology has the potential to strengthen U.S. economic performance, but the extent to which it will promote GDP growth and create new jobs depends, in part, on how closely the federal government adheres to the policy approach that allowed for rapid deployment of 3G networks.The U.S. holds the title of mobile broadband innovation leader for good reason. American companies developed three of the top five smartphone operating systems and lead in commerce-related mobile application development. In 2009, the U.S. eclipsed Japan as the country with the most 3G subscribers.As the world moves into the 4G era, however, the U.S. is at risk of losing its standing. More than 150 carriers in 60 countries are committed to 4G deployment and trials, and they are acting swiftly to gain an edge in the mobile broadband space. For example, China is developing a competing version of LTE (long-term evolution), and its government’s commitment to research, development, and partnerships has created a business environment that could give Chinese vendors an edge over foreign competitors.To continue reading this report in the Wall Street Journal, go to:

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