The future of the internet is flow by David Gelernter and Eric Freeman

People ask where the ewb is going; it’s going nowhere. The web was a brilliant first shot at making the internet usable, but it backed the wrong horse. It chose space over time. The conventional website is “space-organised,” like a patterned beach towel — pineapples upper left, mermaids lower right. Instead it might have been “time-organised,” like a parade — first this band, three minutes later this float, 40 seconds later that band.We go to the internet for many reasons, but most often to discover what’s new. We have had libraries for millennia, but never before have we had a crystal ball that can tell us what is happening everywhere right now. Nor have we ever had screens, from room-sized to wrist-sized, that can show us high-resolution, constantly flowing streams of information.

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