The Future of the Internet Economy: Chapter 2 by Geoff Huston

The OECD held a “high-level” meeting in June 2011 that was intended to build upon the OECD Ministerial on The Future of the Internet Economy held in Seoul, Korea in June 2008. I was invited to attend this meeting as part of the delegation from the Internet Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC), and here I’d like to share my impressions of this meeting.This 2 day meeting, “The Internet Economy: Generating Innovation and Growth”, had the objective of exploring a number of current issues in the public policy space, including:

  • how best to develop high speed broadband access,
  • how to leverage broadband for economic growth,
  • metrics of broadband development and its impact, and
  • how best to maintain openness and promote continued growth.

The presentations I heard at this meeting could be broadly classified into a number of themes, as outlined below.To read the rest of this article by Geoff Huston, check out:

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