The future according to Mr Google, Eric Schmidt

I am face to face with the man who knows everything about me. He knows where I’ve been, who I know and what I think. He knows what I do and when I do it; who I talk to and what I want to do next. He knows about my health, my work, my home, my finances, my dreams.His face is a foot away from mine. He is middle aged, with steel-rimmed glasses and a white open-necked shirt. He looks pleasant. see:Inside the mind of Eric Schmidt: thoughts on North Korea, Julian Assange, privacy and revolution from Alan Rusbridger’s interview with Google’s Eric Schmidt
I would argue that Google and the internet enable people to move up the supply chain. So people, instead of doing rote work, can do more creative work. More creative work requires more jobs, more fees, and so forth. Agriculture is getting mechanised, which has been true for hundreds of years; people are moving to cities. Cities are more productive than rural farming anyway; they are more connected.Creativity will drive innovation, innovation will drive new businesses, new jobs, and so forth. That’s how economics works. That is the story of the British industrial revolution. If governments stay out of the way and allow this connectivity to occur, the core human creativity, this passion for making the world a better place, takes over.

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