The First Internet Census Since 1982

Sending queries to about 2.8 billion IP addresses over two months, the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute (ISI) have produced a map that shows the density of computers around the world. Their internet census is the first since 1982 “when the Internet consisted of 315 allocated addresses.” One of the aims of the census is to improve internet security with the Department of Homeland Security supporting the project.”Many (61 percent) of the pings received no response at all. Many others got a ‘do not disturb’ or ‘no information available’ response that many network administrators program into their routers and firewalls. Some of the non- replies were probably also due to firewalls intentionally blocking the pings. Still, as the census went on, millions of sites did respond, positively and negatively, and a unique Internet atlas took shape.”For more information and links to a detailed account of the research and a full-scale map, see the ISI announcement at

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