The EU’s digital master-plan is all right as far as it goes

The European Union may have removed most barriers to physical trade, but online it remains a prime example of provincialism. Digital businesses still have to deal with 28 sets of national contract laws, adding an estimated €4 billion-8 billion ($4.5 billion-9 billion) a year to their costs. Only 15% of European consumers say they have ever crossed an EU border while shopping online. Only 4% of internet traffic from EU countries goes to online services in another European country, whereas 54% of it goes to services in America.When Jean-Claude Juncker took over as president of the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, in November, he made a unified digital continent the priority of his mandate, hoping to boost growth by €415 billion annually. More quickly than expected, the commission has delivered, at least on paper. On May 6th it published its “Digital Single Market Strategy”. see:Digital Single Market: eco Warns Against One-Sided Interest-Driven Policy
On the strategy for a joint Digital Single Market introduced today by the EU Commission, eco Director of Policy and Law, Oliver Süme, states:

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