The EU weaves itself a fantastically tangled web

The EU weaves itself a fantastically tangled webViviane Reding, the EU’s media commissioner, was last week trumpeting the success, since it was launched last year, of the EU’s own internet “top-level domain name” “.eu”. “After just one year,” she crowed, “.eu has become a well-established part of Europe’s cyberspace.” She announced that since last April its 2.5 million registrations have been exceeded in Europe only by our “.uk” and Germany’s “.de”, ranking it as the seventh most popular web address on the planet. What Miss Reding did not reveal was that up to four-fifths of these registrations are, in effect, something of a sham; and that the new address has thrown large parts of the European Commission’s own Europa website, one of the biggest in the world, into chaos.

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