The Domain Game Release

Wall Street Journal reporter David Kesmodel’s book about the domain industry, “The Domain Game”, will be released soon. He just launched a web site about the book at

The start of the book reads:

In the fall of 2002, a thirty-three-year-old man living in the Cayman Islands made a rather unorthodox financial decision. He took all of his family’s savings, which totaled about $200,000, and invested it in thousands of Internet domain names.

The move terrified his wife, who phoned her in-laws to warn them that something might be wrong with him. But the man, normally conservative with money, kept remarkably calm throughout his domain-buying binge. He’d done lots of research and was convinced he was doing the right thing. “Don’t worry, honey,” he said repeatedly.

At the time of Frank Schilling’s big bet on Web addresses, the Internet economy was in the doldrums …

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