The desperate struggle at the heart of the brutal Apple supply chain

On Monday 17 July 2000, the graphics card company ATI put out a press release telling people to watch out for its Rage and Radeon cards in three new iMac computers to be unveiled by Steve Jobs, then Apple’s chief executive, in his keynote at Macworld in New York the coming Wednesday.On the Wednesday, Jobs did show off new iMacs – but ATI and its Radeons were absent. Furious at having his thunder stolen, Jobs had removed ATI and Radeon from the keynote, Apple press releases, its booths and the machines themselves. “Steve has been so careful to hide any details – even the smallest of details such as the number of new products to be announced,” a company source told ZDNet at the time. “Something like this can really ruin things.”–brutal-apple-supply-chain

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