The challenges satellite Internet must address for take off

The satellite Internet industry has taken off at great speed in the last year, as companies like SpaceX, OneWeb and Amazon each work to build satellite-based networks consisting of thousands of small individual satellites. SpaceX has launched more than 1,000 of its Starlink high-speed Internet satellites to date and now has permission from the FCC to launch 12,000 satellites in the first phase of its deployment. While SpaceX has led the way, we are seeing OneWeb and Amazon follow at breakneck speed, as each of them strives to connect the unconnected parts of the world.

The impact of this will be that no matter where businesses, governments, schools, or individuals are in the world, they are able to access high-speed Internet. But as satellite-based services take off, concerns around regulation, technical limitations and economics are mounting amongst the Internet community. There are roadblocks ahead that the industry must tackle if satellite Internet is to get off the ground.

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