The Bodog dispute explained

New Bodog logoBodog was stripped of its domain names in courts in Nevada and Washington as part of patent disputes, as well as being ordered to pay millions of dollars in fines plus demanding the Antigua-based Ayre testify in the United States in October about his company’s assets according to this article in Canadian Business.

Canadian Business explains the origins of the dispute “when Las Vegas–based 1st Technology filed suit against Bodog. The suit alleges Bodog’s gaming software uses a method of transmitting data over a network that was patented in 1996 by 1st Technology’s Scott Lewis, a California resident with a PhD from Oxford University.”

Bodog didn’t respond and subsequently lost. “Bodog was ordered to pay US$48.9 million. It never did. And so in late August, a court ordered that all of Bodog’s domain names be transferred to 1st Technology as payment.” So 1st Technology shut down all of Bodog’s websites on 27 August. That was when the previously reported stories on Domain News started occurring, and Bodog registered a number of Bodog-related domain names and was up and running, all within a matter of hours.

So if you want to read more on the Bodog dispute that has involved Bodog domain names, see Canadian Business at