The anti-virus software that’s modelled on ants

For most people, the reaction to discovering that your computer has a bug is to throw your hands in the air, swear and call a friend. That might be about to change, now that US researchers have discovered a fresh approach to computer security that takes real-life bugs as its inspiration. Their idea? Hordes of “digital ants” that find and destroy viruses and computer worms on your PC.The team – from Wake Forest University in North Carolina – has studied angry ant swarms, which converge on an enemy and then overwhelm it. By copying this behaviour (“swarm intelligence”) the researchers think they can create vast numbers of virtual insects to patrol your computer. Each of the 3,000 digital ants would be primed to search for a different threat. If they find one, the rest of the ants help eliminate deadly viruses before they can do any damage.

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