.TH Opens Second Level Registrations, But It Doesn’t Come Cheap!

TH_NIC_logoRegistrations of second level .th domain names are available for a short period, at a price. From time to time for short periods since 2014, it has been possible to register second level domain names for Thailand’s ccTLD and the current registration period is open from 25 April to 5 June. Normally registrants have to register .th domain names at the third level, such as .co.th.

The current round of applications is open to commercial, state enterprises, trademarks, names of major projects or events organised by private or governmental organisations. But the registrations don’t come cheap.

Interested applicants can submit domain name applications and fees of 10,000 baht ($290) per domain name to THNIC. Then successful applicants are required to donate funds for registrations of 1,000,000 Baht ($29,100) per domain name for a lifetime registration or 100,000 Baht per domain, per year directly to THNIC Foundation.

Eligibility for the country code top level domain registrations is usually restricted to one domain name for each commercial or business entity under .co.th, and the domain name applied for must be the same as the company name or its abbreviation. Foreign companies are able to apply if they have a local office. Other 2LDs available for registration under .th are .ac.th (academic institutions), .go.th (government), ,in.th (individuals or any kind of organisation, with limited restrictions), .mi.th (military), .or.th (NGOs). Thailand also as an internationalised domain name – .ไทย.

For more information on the second level registrations, see: