Texas leads Republican attorneys general in new antitrust lawsuit against Google, targeting its advertising empire

Ten states led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google on Wednesday, alleging the tech giant illegally sought to suppress competition and reap massive profits from targeted advertisements placed across the Web.

The lawsuit — filed in a Texas federal court and backed exclusively by Republicans — strikes at the heart of Google’s lucrative business in connecting those who seek to buy online ads with the websites that sell them. Paxton and his GOP allies contend that Google relied on a mix of improper tactics to force its ad tools on publishers and solidify its pole position as a “middleman” in the invisible transactions that power much of the Web.

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10 States Accuse Google of Abusing Monopoly in Online Ads
Ten state attorneys general on Wednesday accused Google of illegally abusing its monopoly over the technology that delivers ads online, adding to the company’s legal troubles with a case that strikes at the heart of its business.

The state prosecutors said that Google overcharged publishers for the ads it showed across the web and edged out rivals who tried to challenge the company’s dominance. They also said that Google had reached an agreement with Facebook to limit the social network’s own efforts to compete with Google for ad dollars. Google said the suit was “baseless” and that it would fight the case.

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