Telstra under pressure from broadband network bidders

Telstra has held talks with rivals Optus and AAPT over a possible deal on the proposed National Broadband Network reports The Australian. In addition, Macquarie Group is investigating a potential bid for a network of its own.The discussions between Telstra, Optus and AAPT come as the Senate this week “passed crucial legislation aimed at forcing Telstra to share information on its existing network with rival bidders.”And Macquarie Group is investigating its own fibre-to-the-node bid with no telecommunications industry equity and claims it would offer prices up to 40 per cent below those charged by a Telstra-owned network.The report notes that should Telstra fail to win this project, it “would have potentially dire implications for its business, market analysts have said.”To read The Australian’s article in full, see,24897,23707532-15306,00.html.

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