Telstra signs $11b deal with Australia’s national broadband network

The Australian Stock Exchange has confirmed Telstra and NBN Co have signed an $11 billion agreement to allow the new high-speed broadband network to use Telstra’s existing network and infrastructure.In a statement, the ASX says the agreement will be for 35 to 40 years and will mean Telstra hands over all its broadband services to the NBN over the 10 years it will take for the new network to be completed.To read this ABC News report in full, see:
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Telstra has signed off on an $11 billion deal to transfer its fixed-line monopoly to the National Broadband Network as its copper network is gradually shutdown.Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the deal would allow the NBN to be rolled out faster, with higher revenues and less overhead cabling. signs $11b NBN agreement; agrees to progressively disconnect copper network [AAP]
Telstra Corporation Ltd has confirmed it has reached agreement with the Federal Government to progressively disconnect its copper network and participate in the rollout of the national broadband network (NBN).Telstra says the agreement will deliver approximately $11 billion in replacement revenue through disconnection payments, and new revenues through payments for access to its infrastructure. strikes $800m NBN deal [AAP]
Optus has reached an $800 million agreement with the Federal Government to migrate its customers to the national broadband network (NBN).Australia’s second biggest telco said it will progressively migrate its hybrid fibre coaxial cable (HFC) customers to the NBN from 2014, and continue as the NBN is rolled out.’s NBN deal – what it means
The federal government’s $36 billion plan to wire up the nation to high-speed broadband cleared one of its last major hurdles today when Telstra agreed to an $11 billion deal to rent its infrastructure to the operator of the state-owned network.What is the NBN and why is it being built?The National Broadband Network is a high speed internet network, which is expected to deliver speeds of about 100 megabits a second to more than 90 per cent of Australian homes.–what-it-means-20110623-1gg5a.html–what-it-means-20110623-1gg5a.html

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