Telstra ramps up fight over break-up

Telstra has pledged to fight a push to forcibly separate its business, arguing that the Government’s proposed changes to telecommunications law would undermine its high-speed broadband strategy, reduce industry competition and disadvantage regional and rural customers, reports The Australian.The telecommunications giant has also hit out at the new bill, claiming that it would “potentially destroy value for the approximately 1.4 million Australian shareholders who purchased Telstra shares from the Government over the past 12 years”.To read this report from The Australian in full, see:,28124,26186877-36418,00.htmlAlso see:Telstra calls for changes to regulatory reforms
Telstra says it is opposed to the Federal Government’s proposal to split the telco giant, and has called for the senate to delay debate on the bill until its negotiations with the Government are complete.In a submission to the Senate inquiry into the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Competition and Consumer Safeguards) Bill 2009 released today, Telstra said the legislation was unnecessary. TV wants ‘must carry’ laws for national broadband
Commercial free-to-air television networks are urging the Federal Government to force pay TV companies to give them air time on the proposed national broadband network.In a submission to an inquiry into the Government’s planned separation of Telstra’s wholesale and retail arms, the television networks’ umbrella organisation, Free TV Australia, argued strongly for the introduction of “must carry” laws when the NBN starts up.

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