Telstra pumps up network for IPTV

The nation’s largest telco, Telstra, has unveiled plans to substantially rework its network infrastructure to deal with a massive influx of data expected to flow through its pipes as part of its IPTV strategy, which will this month see its flagship T-Box device launch.In a briefing in Sydney today, Telstra chief operations officer Michael Rocca said the telco would build a national footprint of 12 network and media centres around Australia, which will provide a caching function to ensure the speedy delivery of internet video.To read this ZDNet report in full, see: see:Telstra beefs up network data capacity
Telstra is positioning itself to cash in on the explosive growth of internet data services, such as on-demand video, by building $14 million worth of new network and media centres.The network and media centres would serve as small data centres in the telco’s telephone exchanges, where they would be used to deliver online content in a more cost-effective and efficient manner, Telstra chief operations officer Michael Rocca said.

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