Telstra doubles Australian broadband cost

The Telstra chief executive Sol Trujillo yesterday created some controversy over his comments “the cost of a national broadband network has almost doubled in the past three years to $15 billion – three days before the close of tenders to build the service.”As many will be aware, the government is currently calling for tenders for a National Broadband Network valued around A$9 billion.”When you look at 98 per cent of the nation – we have already said publicly that it would cost us about $4.5-5 billion to do the five big cities of Australia, and we all know that the first 50 per cent is a lot more cost-effective than the last 50 per cent,” Mr Trujillo told a Reuters conference in Paris yesterday, reports Australian IT.To read more of this article in Australian IT see,24897,23739566-15306,00.html.

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