Telecoms fear impact of EU regulation

Senior European telecoms executives reacted coolly to the European Union’s proposals on regulating the next generation of broadband internet networks, warning that excessive regulation could make large-scale investments less likely.Stéphane Richard, chief executive of France Telecom, said he was “not fully comfortable” with the proposals, released on Monday by Neelie Kroes, EU telecoms commissioner.To read this report in The Financial Times in full, see: see:European Commission claims telecoms rules balance need for fairness and investment
The European Commission has published rules that telecoms watchdogs across the EU will be expected to follow when regulating the building of superfast broadband networks.The Commission said that the rules would ensure that the same principles would be applied across Europe, and said that such EU-wide regulation was necessary to balance the need to encourage major firms to build infrastructure but also to avoid the kinds of telecoms monopolies that developed in the past.

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