Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to host .BH Domains Workshop

In an effort to evolve the Domain Name distribution channels, marketing strategy and registration system, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is hosting a .BH domain name workshop for registrars, resellers and hosting companies in the region. The event will take place on the 30th April, 2019 at 1:30 pm at TRA office in Bahrain.

The workshop comes following the issuance of the Royal Decree No. 33 of 2019 stating that TRA is the government authority responsible for registering domain names and the issuance of the Ministerial Resolution No. 11 of 2018 on 18th October 2018 with respect to organizing the registration and utilization of domains for Levels Two and Three Within the framework of Domain’s name of the Kingdom of Bahrain .

The workshop will bring on major updates to .BH and .البحرين domain names and introduce a new domain name distribution model, which allows authorized businesses (known as accredited registrars) to better allocate .BH and .البحرين domain names in Bahrain and internationally. It will also provide TRA accredited Registrars access to new distribution opportunities for .BH and .البحرين as well as other added services.

The workshop will also unveil TRA’s new registry platform, the exciting changes in the allocation of .BH and .البحرين and how to accredit businesses registering for domain names.

For businesses interested in attending the .BH domain name workshop or intended to become a TRA accredited Registrar please contact TRA on 17520000 or via email

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