.Tel Them Where to Find You On

On Wednesday, companies and organizations can register Web addresses with a new top-level domain, .tel. The new domain, which stores and encrypts contact information directly into the Domain Name System, has the potential to become a phone book for the Internet.A .tel domain name links to the contact information of businesses, organizations and individuals. Information can include telephone numbers; links to Web sites, including a Facebook or MySpace page; e-mail addresses; instant messaging names, and, if you wish, identities for virtual games such as Xbox Live or Second Life.
http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/12/02/tel-them-where-to-find-you/New domain to be web’s phone book
From 3 December companies will be able to buy addresses associated with a new web domain.Called .tel, the domain is intended to act as a universal contact point rather than as a hook on which to hang websites.

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