Technology and being green

Cool electronic gear may be emitting too much heat
Temperatures are rising and electronic gadgets are failing as more and more power is crammed into less and less space.,1,515041.storyIt’s not easy being green; Minimising heat and power waste
Green is the new black, it would seem. With many organisations now trying to “out-green” the competition, we are rapidly running into the problem seen with the majority of bandwagons – just how real are some of the arguments coming in from the vendors on the topic? companies try to go green by cutting the energy used by data centers [AP]
The extremely air-conditioned computer farms known as data centers are the gas-guzzling automobiles of the technology world. Some require 40 or 50 times more power than comparably sized office space. iMac: thin, silver – and green
Apple has revamped its flagship home computer with a recyclable aluminium casing and software that lets users do spreadsheets

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