Tech sector brings opportunities to New Zealand by the billions

InternetNZ is proud to support a new report that analyses New Zealand’s tech sector and brings to light huge economic opportunities that we may be missing out on.The report is titled From Tech Sector to Digital Nation. It was commissioned from NZTech and is being supported by over 50 organisations, including InternetNZ.InternetNZ’s Deputy Chief Executive Andrew Cushen says the report brings some huge opportunities to light.”We all know that the tech sector has grown significantly and continues to do so in today’s digital age. We also know that the use of technology has huge benefits for jobs, exports, education and the wider economy.”What has been missing until now is concrete evidence of the opportunities available should we take full advantage of what technology and the Internet can bring to our country,” says Cushen.The report reiterates the opportunity highlighted by the Innovation Partnership that if all firms made better use of Internet services it could lift GDP by $34 billion. It also presents new evidence that every dollar spent to stimulate the tech sector should generate about $3 of growth across the national economy.”We hope the evidence in this report helps the Government to realise the opportunities that can be gained from digital technologies – and that concrete steps are taken to leverage these opportunities for our country.”There is also a clear story here about the need for digital inclusion – in education, business, and in our wider society – in order to maximise these opportunities.”The report makes a number of recommendations for Government and for the sector. InternetNZ looks forward to contributing to these as well,” says Cushen.NZTech engaged the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research to analyse the sector and provide input into this report. For accuracy, a separate economic consultancy, Sapere, was engaged to provide a peer review.The report can be viewed here:
From Tech Sector to Digital Nation

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