TalkTalk customer data at risk after cyber-attack on company website

Police are investigating a “significant and sustained” cyber-attack on the website of TalkTalk which could have compromised customers’ credit card and other personal details.The telecoms provider has 4 million customers in the UK. It is the second time in the past 12 months that TalkTalk customers have been affected by data breaches. see:TalkTalk hacking crisis deepens as more details emerge
TalkTalk is facing increasing criticism after belatedly admitting it was the victim of a “significant and sustained” cyber-attack that has led to the theft of the credit card and bank details of up to 4 million customers.The telecoms giant warned that the stolen customer data may not have been securely encrypted and that it had received a ransom demand from someone who claimed to have carried out the corporate hack. Demand Ransom From TalkTalk, British Telecom Firm
The chief executive of TalkTalk, a British telecommunications provider, said on Friday that she had received a ransom demand from hackers who had claimed responsibility for stealing data on some of the company’s four million customers.TalkTalk, which offers cable and fixed-line services in Britain, said local authorities had opened a criminal investigation into the widespread data breach. The hackers may have gained access to personal data on the company’s customers, including sensitive information like credit card details, dates of birth and addresses. attack: government urged to do more on cyber​​crime
A leading business group has urged the government to take more action on cybercrime after hackers seized the personal information and bank details of up to 4 million TalkTalk customers.Police are investigating a ransom demand sent to the telecoms company after its chief executive, Dido Harding, said a person claiming to be the hacker had contacted her directly and demanded money in exchange for the data. do companies keep getting hacked?
Police are investigating a sustained attack on the TalkTalk website that might have let hackers get at details of the firm’s four million customers.The breach is the third big cyber-attack that TalkTalk has suffered in the last year.It is not clear who was behind the attack or why they targeted TalkTalk – but it is far from the only company that keeps being hit.

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