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TLD Updates: ICANN ccNSO Seeks ccTLD News Speakers, .ZA Registry Up For Tender, DomainTools Debut Domain Discovery Feed, .SCOT Turns 7 and .PL 31, Donuts July Trend Report, Indonesia Seeks To Introduce Local IDNs and CZ.NIC Contributes To Flood Relief

ICANN is seeking speakers for their next (virtual) for their pre-ICANN72 ccTLD News Sessions on 6 and 7 October. ccTLDs with a best practice, project solution or case study to share with the broader community or even a market development, or perhaps legal or operational news that is engaging, relevant and informative to other ccTLDs from across the world are requested to put their hands up and nominate themselves.

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.ZA Ups Registry Fees, Introduces Registry Lock

South Africa’s ccTLD registry ZACR (ZA Central Registry) has announced the introduction of a Registry Lock as a means of better protecting registrants from domain name theft. And ZADNA announced last week they will be increasing the registry fee for .za domain names on 1 April 2021.

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Over 12,000 ORG.ZA Domains Set For Deletion As Registrants Fail To Migrate To Registrars

Over 12,000 .org.za domain names are set for deletion on 1 September as their registrants have failed to transfer them to a ZACR-Accredited Registrar.

The ZA Central Registry suspended 15,420 .org.za domain names on 1 September 2016 yet to date the 2,394 registrants have heeded ZACR’s many requests to prevent their eventual deletion by migrating to ZACR-Accredited Registrars leaving around 12,677 domains set for deletion.

ZACR_ORGZA_Domains_Deletion_logo“It is good news that many org.za domain name holders have transferred their domains to ZACR-Accredited Registrars since September 2016. However, we are concerned that many more still have not made the transition,” said ZACR CEO, Lucky Masilela.

The ZACR has previously communicated its intent to suspend non-compliant org.za domains from 1 September 2016 and to finally delete them on 1 September 2017.

Any org.za names that have not been transferred to ZACR-Accredited Registrars by 1 September 2017 will be deleted and made available for re-registration on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrants will therefore lose important org.za domains associated with their brand names as well as expose themselves to possible cost implications later on through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.

A complete list of domain names that remain on the org.za default registrar is available at org.za default registrar and will be updated periodically.

To be eligible for a .org.za domain name, registrants must be a South African citizen or resident or an organisation that is constituted in South Africa as a company, statutory body, partnership, charity, NGO, trade union, political party, religious institution, club or other type of association or a foreign organisation that is licensed to trade or operate in South Africa or an owner of, or an applicant for, a South African registered trademark. Registrants must use the registered name only for non‐commercial purposes.

South African Registrars Push For Second Level .ZA Domains

ZA Central Registry ZACR logoAt a recent conference in South Africa, there was a push among registrars for allowing second level registrations of .za domain names.

Currently registrations under .za are at the third level, for example .co.za. But at the recent iWeek conference ZA Domains’ Jade Benson said he thought the country was ready for the introduction of second level domains for the South African ccTLD, according to a Business Live report.

The South African interest in second level registrations follows their introduction in .uk and .nz in 2015 and their approval to be introduced in .au following a consultation.

According to Business Live, Domain Name Authority (Zadna) CEO Vika Mpisane said a shift to second level registrations wouldn’t happen without the registry’s blessing.

“Mpisane cited a survey that Zadna conducted in 2010, which showed that people were satisfied with the use of .co.za. The respondents were not keen on an additional domain name such as .za. Mpisane says Zadna would run another survey to determine whether an additional domain name was necessary.believes there is no need to run another survey, because there is enough support for the introduction of .za.”

But Benson doesn’t see the need for another survey and the domain industry believes the survey is out of date. “The sooner it is implemented the better,” Benson said.

“Variety is the spice of life, and typically consumers who cannot find their desired .co.za domain would look to international registrars to purchase a .com or similar,” says Benson. “.za domains would provide them with an alternative opportunity to find their desired domain name and ensure that small business and consumers are supporting local businesses.”

Lucky Masilela, the CEO of ZACR, a non-profit organisation, says the price of new domain names needs to be addressed to make it affordable to switch to or add the .za.

“For us it’s not about making money,” he says. “We are positioning it for future use and giving people more choice.”

Shorter extensions may find more favour. Wayne Diamond from domains.co.za says that from a brand-building perspective, the .za has “fantastic potential”.

“We need to stay relevant and need to make future-proof decisions and [introducing .za] follows on what other countries have done,” he says.

In South Africa there has also been the introduction of three city gTLDs – .capetown with 4,780 registrations, .joburg (3,620) and .durban (2,590). There are some in the South African domain industry such as Benson who believe they have been a failure.

ZACR has struggled to achieve a higher number of sales for new domains, mostly because of a “monopoly within the market and exorbitant pricing”, said Benson according to the report. However Masilela said as there are fewer registrars who sell the gTLDs compared to the .co.za, this has limited their potential.

The full Business Live report is available at:

Daily Wrap: .COM/.NET Trending Keywords; Istanbul gTLDs Go Live And Judge Gets It Wrong In .AFRICA

Dot Istanbul logoGlobal news items certainly impact on the trending keywords for .com and .net domains. For April Prince, Panama and Czechia both features in the .com list of trending keywords according to a post on the Verisign blog. But not so for .net.

The top trending keywords for .com in April were bot, guru, gram, prince, vibe, listings, rewards, panama, czechia and items. For .net they were loans, valley, prof, howto, guru, come, hotels, mobile, tshirt and fine.

The .ist and .istanbul gTLDs General Availability went live on 10 May and are available to anyone anywhere.

Available domains will be allocated on a “first-come, first-served” basis subject to the Registry Policies, ICANN requirements and the law and regulations of Turkey.

And according to a report in Domain Incite, the “ZA Central Registry has told the judge in DotConnectAfrica’s lawsuit against ICANN that the preliminary injunction he granted DCA recently was based on a misunderstanding.”

According to the report, ZACR claim the judge’s ruling was “predicated upon a key factual error”, and it is what Domain Incite has previously written about.

“The judge thinks DCA originally passed the Geographic Names Review of its Initial Evaluation for .africa, and that ICANN later failed it anyway.

“In fact, DCA never passed the GNR, and the document the judge cites in his ruling is actually ZACR’s Initial Evaluation report.”

Daily Update: ICANN’s .AFRICA Delegation Problems Continue; .KIDS Isn’t A Community and Chinese Perspective of Domain Disputes

DotConnectAfrica LogoThey won’t give up. They have little support within Africa, yet DotConnectAfrica (DCA) has not given up hope they will win the rights to operate the .africa gTLD.

In the latest instalment, a Californian court has granted a Preliminary Injunction for DCA in a case against ICANN and the ZA Central Registry. What it means is they will be able to continue litigation over the gTLD application that has already been rejected twice.

“District judge Gary Klausner ruled yesterday that the litigation waiver all applicants had to sign when they applied may be unenforceable,” reported Domain Incite.

“‘The Court finds substantial questions as to the Release, weighing toward its unenforceability,’ he wrote.”

“California law says that such waivers cannot stop people being sued for fraud, and fraud is what DCA is alleging.”

“Combined with previous revelations in the .africa case – where ICANN’s staff were shown to have unduly influenced the process, covered up the fact and then denied having done so – the decision represents yet another mark against the nonprofit which hopes to take over the task of allocating all internet names and numbers from the US government later this year,” reported The Register in another report.

More details are available in both reports. But what it means is that DCA has at least some hope of gaining the rights to operate the gTLD.

And on another gTLD application, this time for .kids, the “DotKids Foundation has comprehensively lost is .kids Community Priority Evaluation,” reports Domain Incite.

“The company’s CPE results came out at the weekend, showing a score of 6 out of the 16 available points, a long way short of the 14-point passing score.”

“Like other ‘community’ new gTLD bids before it, .kids failed because the Economist Intelligence Unit panel decided that the application was an attempt to create a community rather than represent an existing one.”

And ever wondered about the Chinese perspective on domain name disputes? If so, Lung Tin Intellectual Property Agent may have come to save you! They’ve published on Lexology “What Do You Need to Know About Domain Name Disputes? from the Chinese Perspective”.

As .ZA Passes One Million Registrations, Price Hikes Coming In March

South African registryThe registry fee, that is the fee charged to registrars, is set to jump on 1 March just as the South African ccTLD passes the one million registration mark.

Registering new or renewing existing co.za, org.za, net.za, and web.za domains are all set to cost more the ZA Central Registry has told its domain registrars according to a report in the South African technology news site My Broadband.

The report notes ZACR CEO Lucky Masilela said the wholesale price of registrations through their extensible provisioning protocol (EPP) system would become R45 ($3.90), while legacy registrations would increase to R90. Currently EPP costs R35, while legacy registrations cost R65.88.

These price increases were approved in November 2014, and were originally set to take effect on 16 February 2015, the report continues.

Further price increases to legacy registrations of R10 per year will be implemented annually from 1 March, until the price reaches R130 in 2019.

The increases follows ZACR announcing the number of .za domain names passed the one million registrations mark on 23 January.

“When the first .za domains were registered in 1992, few in the South African internet industry ever expected the total to ever go beyond 100 000, let alone ten times that amount. The one million milestone represents a great vote of confidence in the world class .za domain name system,” said Lucky Masilela, CEO of ZACR, according to another report in Fin24.

DotConnectAfrica Suffers Final Blow In Bid For .AFRICA

The .africa bid by ZA Central Registry received a boost this week when a controversial rival application from DotConnectAfrica (DCA) was rejected by the Governmental Advisory Committee, with DCA being invited to withdraw its application, reports MyBroadband.co.za.The bid by DCA was always seen as being unlikely to succeed for several reasons, one of the main ones being it did not have the key support of African countries and the African Union.The ZACR bid to manage .africa had the support of over 40 of the 54 countries African countries.”Some 75% of African countries have now endorsed the ZACR bid for .africa, well above the ICANN requirement of 60% support needed. In addition, the ZACR bid is endorsed by the African Union Commission,” says ZACR Africa Liaison, Koffi Fabrice Djossou, in a statement reported in BizCommunity.”The ICT ministers meeting was sufficiently satisfied that the ZACR, the most diverse bidding entity, has the required technical, administrative and financial know-how to make a success of Africa’s proposed new home on the web,” added Djossou.gTLD was always seen as the frontrunner, especially after it was has selected by the African Union as its preferred registry operator to administer the domain.With DCA’s bid to manage .africa rejected, it now means ZACR is now the only remaining applicant for the pan-African gTLD.