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.TK Cements Position As Largest ccTLD Passing 25 Million Registrations

The number of “active” .tk domains has passed the 25 million mark to cement its position as the largest ccTLD, and second largest TLD.

According to the nic.tk website, the number of domains under management is currently more than 25,089,000. The growth has been phenomenal for the island ccTLD that passed the seven millionth DUM in late 2011 and the largest ccTLD in late 2012.

The island nation located north east of New Zealand and Australia in the South Pacific is a New Zealand territory with a population of 1,337 according to the CIA Factbook.

The exponential growth of Dot TK continues because of its free domain name registration process, which has been somewhat controversial due to the amount of phishing activity linked to .tk domains. But the registry has worked hard to improve the problem.

Dot TK, the registry, introduced an anti-abuse API to allow trusted partners to shut down sites that use .tk. Netcraft noted in September 2013 that “this dramatically reduced the average uptime of phishing sites which used .tk domains, making it a less attractive platform for fraudsters. Indeed, .tk does not even appear within the top 50 phishiest TLDs today; however, considering .tk and .ml share the same owner, this makes it somewhat surprising to see .ml being so heavily abused already.”

The largest TLD is .com with 113.7 million DUM followed by .tk, then .de (Germany) with 15.8m. Following is .net (15.1m), .uk (United Kingdom) with “over 10.5 million”, .cn (China – 10.6m), .org (10.4m), .info (5.7m), .nl (Netherlands (5.5m) and .ru (Russia – 4.9m). The largest of the new gTLDs, .xyz, has over 348,000 DUM.

The above statistics were sourced from ccTLD registry websites, RegistrarStats.com, nTLDstats.com and domain-recht.de.

New gTLDs Stroll Past 1.5 Million Registrations With .XYZ Taking One In Five

ICANN new generic Top Level Domains logoThe 1,500,000th registration of a domain name under one of the new gTLDs happened in the last few days, probably last Friday, although exactly when is hard to pinpoint on newTLDstats.com daily update.

Currently total new gTLD registrations are showing at 1,517,747 with around one in five (301,627 – 19.87%) of these being .xyz registrations. Just on registrations, the second most successful new gTLD has been .berlin, which now has 136,943 domains under management, or 9.02 percent of all new gTLDs.

Both of these new gTLDs have had differing promotions that have been extremely successful at getting them initial registrations. Network Solutions has run a promotion for .xyz where their .com registrants received the equivalent .xyz domain for free, resulting in Network Solutions being responsible for 232,685 of the gTLD’s DUM, or over three-quarters (77.14%) of the total.

The .berlin gTLD ran a successful promotion itself with a limited number of registrars where the maximum fee charged per domains was €5.55, with some even giving away domains. After three days of the promotion, DUM had jumped almost 90,000.

According to the latest nTLDstats.com statistics, the third most popular of the new gTLDs is .club with 83,003 DUM, followed by .guru (65,137) and then .photography (40,603).

These are the only gTLDs with over 40,000 registrations. There are a total of 13 of the new gTLDs with over 20,000 registrations, 29 with more than 10,000, 62 with more than 5,000 and 137 with more than 1,000.

Overall there appears to be 152 of the new gTLDs that have entered General Availability and 322 that have been delegated. There are 28 registries responsible for the new gTLDs and 161 registrars that are accepting registrations for at least one of the new gTLDs with GoDaddy being the largest with 286,069 domains registered through it.

1.5 Million New gTLD Registrations Today

It’s probably already happened, but the 1,500,000th registration of a new gTLD domain name will happen today, 11 July.According to newTLDstats.com, there were 1,499,880 registrations, or domains under management, across all new gTLDs at their end of 10 July.The top new gTLDs according to DUM are .xyz with 290,811 and .berlin with 136,895. They are also the only two of the new gTLDs with more than 100,000- DUM. The .xyz gTLD somewhat controversially is in the lead due to a promotion with Network Solution where existing .com registrants were give the corresponding .xyz domain unless they specifically opted out of the promotion. Hence Network Solutions has 232,685 of .xyz’s DUM, or 80 percent market share.The .berlin meanwhile had a big boost to registrations in June when it ran a promotion with a limited number of registrars where the maximum fee charged per domains was 5.55, with some even giving away domains. After three days of the promotion, DUM had jumped almost 90,000.

Personal Clarification Regarding .XYZ Article by Philip Corwin, Internet Commerce Association

Philip Corwin imageSeveral days ago I posted an article – “ICANN is Missing in Action on .XYZ” – expressing my personal views regarding Network Solutions’ involuntary opt-out registration of .XYZ domains for its existing customers. It was posted, as many of my opinion pieces are, at both the website of the Internet Commerce Association, which I have served as Counsel since its founding in 2006, and at CircleID.com; the two websites attract different audiences.  The article was not requested by the ICA and does not represent any official policy of the ICA in regard to such involuntary domain registrations. The ICA has not yet adopted any position on this practice.

The article questioned whether this opt-out practice violated registrant rights and was in compliance with the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) that all registrars enter into with ICANN. A particular concern was that, unless ICANN stepped in, this practice could spread to other new gTLDs, adversely affecting registrants while undermining the integrity of the new gTLD program and raising additional questions about ICANN’s contractual compliance enforcement.

Toward the end of the article I referred to a 2011 Lanham Act litigation filed by Facebook against the CEO of the .XYZ registry, Daniel Negari, and another company he headed, Cyber2media. I noted that the case had been dismissed, and stated “Of course allegations are not proof of guilt”. I also tried to give even-handed treatment earlier in the article on the question of whether .XYZ had entered into any arrangement with Network Solutions in regard to the opt-out program by reprinting the relevant text of an interview he had engaged in on that question.

I now regard my referencing of the Lanham Act litigation as a mistake in judgment.

First, it was extraneous to the main focus of the article and has generated some unintended controversy that has diluted focus on the important policy question of whether opt-out domain registrations are an ethical practice consistent with RAA provisions that protect registrants and, if not, what ICANN should be doing in reaction.

More importantly, it appears to have created the misimpression that I believe that the award of the .XYZ registry contract to Mr. Negari and his registry enterprise was questionable. I am not aware of any facts that would lead me to such a conclusion and to the extent that my unartful words may have created such an incorrect impression I offer my sincere apology to him, his colleagues and his enterprise.

That section of the article also stated that it “would be useful to know” whether the application for .XYZ had disclosed the litigation. I have since learned through a third party that it was disclosed and considered by ICANN. Such information is redacted and not made part of the publicly available portion of any gTLD application.

There also seems to be a misperception that I may have been advocating amendment of the gTLD program Applicant Guidebook to create review of dismissed or settled trademark legal actions. In fact such a provision is already part of the program’s Evaluation Questions Criteria (see http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/applicants/agb/evaluation-questions-criteria-04jun12-en.pdf).

At Section 11(g) of the Applicant Background portion of that document this Question appears:

(g) Disclose whether the applicant or any of the individuals named above has been involved in any administrative or other legal proceeding in which allegations of intellectual property infringement relating to registration or use of a domain name have been made. Provide an explanation related to each such instance. (Emphasis added)

This Note appears next to that Question:

ICANN may deny an otherwise qualified application based on the background screening process. See section 1.2.1 of the guidebook for details.

That provision is the very reason why a dismissed Lanham Act lawsuit would need to be disclosed by a gTLD applicant. It is in addition to preceding Section 11(f), the inflexible “three strikes” UDRP/ACPA disqualification clause against which I lobbied at considerable length; while that effort was unsuccessful, a similar disqualifier was added for those cited for repeated Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. ICANN has stated that it intends to conduct a thorough review of all provisions of the Applicant Guidebook prior to any second round of new gTLDs, and that will provide an opportunity to revisit all these provisions.

I hope that this clarification facilitates a return to consideration of the opt-out registration issue and an appropriate ICANN response. I wish Mr. Negari and his marketing team well in their efforts to promote affirmative domain registrations in the .XYZ registry.

This article by Philip Corwin from the Internet Commerce Association was sourced with permission from:

New gTLD Registrations Pass One Million Mark In Dodgy Circumstances

The number of new gTLDs Domains Under Management passed the one million milestone on 6 June, but the boost it received from a .xyz “promotion” run by Network Solutions has led to accusations the registrar has artificially inflated the number of registrations.As of 9 June, there were 1,023,297 DUM across the 300 new gTLDs with at least one domain name shared out among 136 registrars and 39 registries.With the Network Solutions promotion, .xyz has leapt into the lead with 88,747 registrations, almost 20,000 ahead of .club with 68,781 and then .guru with 61,958. Following is .berlin with 49,195. These are the only new gTLDs with more than 40,000 registrations.There are another four new gTLDs with registrations over 30,000, three more with 20,000+ and six more with 10,000+. In total there are 55 new gTLDs with more than 1,000 registrations.But it the method Network Solutions has adopted to boost .xyz registrations has attracted controversy with accusations of “clear-cut cases of cybersquatting” by Domain Incite.Network Solutions has been giving away tens of thousands of .xyz domain names to the registrants of the matching .com domain.Domain Incite found many instances of domains being registered that included trademarks in the domains such as my-twitter.xyz, facebook-liker.xyz, googledia.xyz, arolexwatches.xyz, disneytime.xyz, iphonethank.xyz, sellstuffonamazon.xyz and pepsicontest.xyz.”They’re all registered via NetSol’s Whois privacy service, which lists the registrant’s ‘real’ name in the Whois record, but substitutes mailing address, email and phone number with NetSol-operated proxies.””The ‘registrants’ did not have to explicitly accept the offer,” Domain Incite reported. “Instead, NetSol gave them the option to ‘opt-out’ of having the name registered on their behalf and placed into their accounts.”For more detail on the .xyz controversy, see the Domain Incite report here.

New gTLD Registrations Leap Past 900,000 As .XYZ Debuts At 5 With A Bullet

New gTLD registrations have leapt passed the 900,000 mark and as of 3 June there were 936,597 across all new gTLDs according to nTLDstats.com. Registrations passed the 900,000 mark on 2 June.Registrations were boosted significantly with the launch of .xyz’s General Availability on 3 June. Before GA commenced there were 14,378 registrations, but by the end of day one there were 34,029, meaning 19,651 registrations for the day, and .xyz was fifth on the nTLDstats.com list of top gTLDs by registrations. It currently sits in fourth place. It wasn’t the gTLD with the most registrations on day one of GA though – that honour still goes to .club with 26,832 registrations.As of 3 June the top gTLDs were .club with 65,782 registrations followed by .guru (61,397), .berlin (49,007), .photography (37,620) and then .xyz.There are now 11 of the new gTLDs with more than 20,000 registrations, 24 with more than 10,000, 53 with more than 5,000 and 98 with more than 1,000.In total there are 289 gTLDs that have been delegated, 134 registrars taking registrations and 38 registries.

Domainer-Friendly .XYZ Hits Landrush

dotXYZ logoThe .xyz new gTLD has hit Landrush with thousands of premium names available to the global general public at regular Landrush prices. And the gTLD is encouraging domainers to get involved with the gTLD with domainer-friendly policies.

The domainer-friendly policies being touted by the gTLD include:

  • virtually every domain is available – less than 3,000 names have been reserved (as compared to tens and hundreds of thousands for other gTLDs)
  • all .xyz domains are available for the standard registration fee – no premium pricing
  • all .xyz landrush domains renew at the standard renewal rate, making it affordable to hold a portfolio of .xyz domains.

It is also being billed as the first generic gTLD to hit the market. The Sunrise period saw, according to a CentralNic news release, world-leading brands secure their trademarks.

The gTLD is owned by 27 year old Daniel Negari, himself a successful domain investor with a track record of buying and selling over $100 million worth of domains.

“With experience as a domain investor, I understand the importance of releasing great domains at affordable prices to give investors the opportunity to make a commercial rate of return”, said Negari.

“Unlike most TLD operators trying to extract as much from domainers as possible through high prices for premiums and recurring premium prices, .xyz is positioning itself as the new .com – giving domainers the opportunity to buy anything they want at Landrush, and then benefit from .xyz’s unprecedented global marketing campaign to enjoy the increase in values that comes from global demand”, said Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic.

.xyz domains are now available through leading registrars worldwide. Landrush ends at 12.00 UTC on 2 June.

CentralNic Launches .XYZ and .WIKI gTLD Sunrises

CentralNic logoThe Sunrise periods have commenced for the .xyz and .wiki gTLDs, with .xyz commencing on 20 March.

The .xyz gTLD is being touted by CentralNic as “for every website, everywhere” with a mass market global appeal, low cost and a multi-million dollar promotional budget. The Sunrise is a 60 day end date Sunrise with .xyz an opportunity for corporate clients to secure their trademarks and protect their brands under the new generation generic domain.

And .wiki, unsurprisingly, is being touted by CentralNic as being for businesses to build their own Wiki pages.

Coming up in April, CentralNic is launching the Sunrise periods for .bar and .rest among others on the 9th aimed at bars and restaurants globally. The Sunrise will close on 7 June, followed by a Landrush from 9 June to 8 July and General Availability on 10 July.

And commencing 31 March is the Sunrise for .ink for the tattoo and ink related industries. Sunrise closes on 2 June, then a Landrish from 5 to 19 June followed by General Availability on 23 June.

.XYZ Sunrise Launches 20 March

Dot XYZ logoIt’s one of the more generic of the generic TLDs to launch. So it will be interesting to see how successful it is when General Availability commences. For now though .xyz is launching into a 60 day end-date Sunrise on 20 March and is inviting brands registered with the TMCH to exclusively register their trademarks before General Availability.

CentralNic is backing the gTLD’s launch with a multi-million dollar ad campaign and proactive marketing that is hoped will drive high-volume registrations.

The gTLD is being marketed as a mass-market, affordable and completely unrestricted and CentralNic is expecting over one million domain name registrations expected in the first year.

Suggestions for use of .xyz domain names are as corporate websites, new product pages, micro and promotional sites, recruiting portals and other business support services.

Priority registration will be given to Trademark Holders during the 10 day Landrush following Sunrise to secure related names and variations for a one time application fee.