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Will .TOP Usurp .XYZ As Largest New gTLD As Total New gTLD Registrations Drop 1.6 Million in 3 Weeks

They gained 3.2 million registrations in a few days, jumping from 2.893 million registrations on 30 May 2016 to 6.122 million on 3 June on the back of a discounted promotion, but is the .xyz new gTLD now paying the price as those domain names come up for renewal?

Registrations for .xyz peaked at 6.705 million on 5 December last year, declined to 6.5 million before rising again to 6.652 million on 20 March and then slowly at first, but then they’ve dropped off a cliff.

Since 17 April registrations have dropped from 6.567 million to 6.018 million on 2 May. Registrations have now stabilised and are currently sitting at just under the 6 million mark. Still making it the largest of the new generic top level domains by domains under management by almost 2 million, but the new gTLD will require a reasonable renewal rate to keep it above the second largest of the new gTLDs, which currently has 4.036 million registrations. However even .top has even seen a decline of around 460,000 in the last 21 weeks, dropping to 4.036 million DUM on 8 May from 4.486 million on 24 April. Like .xyz registrations appear to have now stabilised.

Currently .xyz has 5.999 million DUM and .top 4.036 million. But they aren’t the only new gTLDs in the top 10 to see declines in recent weeks. .wang, the fourth largest of the new gTLDs has dropped almost 14,000 to 1.077 million, .win the fifth largest has dropped 150,000 to 1.056 million, .online the eighth largest has dropped 9,000 to 728,000, .site the ninth largest has dropped 105,000 to 524,000 and .bid the tenth largest has dropped 153,00 to 462,000.

Meanwhile registrations across the 1,218 new gTLDs to have been delegated by ICANN have dropped from a peak of 29.338 million on 14 April to 27.745 million as of 8 May, a drop of around 1.6 million.

All statistics courtesy of nTLDstats.com.


New gTLDs Shed Over Half Million Registrations in Under 2 Weeks, But Why?

Total new gTLD registrations have taken a hit in recent days, dropping over half a million in under 2 weeks.

Total domains under management for the 1,218 new generic top level domains to have been delegated by ICANN peaked at 29.330 million on 14 April and have dropped to 28.803 million on 26 April, according to nTLDstats.com.

Those to have dropped big numbers of registrations were .xyz, the largest of the new gTLDs, which peaked at 6.651 million registrations on 20 March, had dropped to 6.594 million on 14 April and on 26 April had 6.208 million. Others in the top 10 by registration numbers to have shed registrations were .top, down from 4.509 million on 14 April to 4.477 million on 25 April, .club from 885,000 (14 April) to 852,000 (25 April).

The reasons for the declines don’t appear readily apparent. For .xyz they had over 3 million registrations in 3 days during a big promotion, but this was in early June 2016. For the other gTLDs that have suffered drops there are no significant registration jumps one or 2 years ago.


WIPO’s Annual Rant Shows Cybersquatting Not Only Growing In New gTLDs, But .COM Too

The World Intellectual Property Organization has released its 2016 report on cybersquatting. In 2016 the number of cases filed under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) with the dispute resolution body rose 10% over the previous year to “an all-time record 3,036 cases” while domain names disputed rose by 23.1% to 5,374.

These are significant increases and an unwanted cost by trademark holders. A large part of the increase has to do with new generic top level domains. For new gTLDs cybersquatting disputes rose to 16% of WIPO’s 2016 caseload while, according to the most recent Domain Name Industry Brief from Verisign, they represent represented 7.2% of total domain name registrations at the end of 2016.

Verisign also reported that at the end of 2016 there were 329.3 million domain name registrations across all top level domains, which means the total number of disputed domains is still tiny. Global registrations grew by 6.8% for the year.

On the new gTLDs, in 2016 there were 321 .xyz domain names disputed, or 6.85% of all disputed domains compared to 62 (1.63%) in 2015 while it rose from fifth to second-most dispute TLD. For .top likewise there was an increase from the twelfth to fourth most disputed TLD with disputes rising from 13 in 2015 to 153 in 2016. Of course, the number of domains in both TLDs has also risen markedly, from under 1.8 million at the end of 2015 for .xyz to almost 6.7 million a year later while for .top the rise was from 968,000 to 4.78 million.

For .com, which had the most disputes by far, registrations grew by 2.3% from 124 million to 126.9 million. However disputes with .com domains grew from 2,732 in 2015 to 3,135 in 2016, a significant increase of 14.6% when compared to the growth in registrations, while .com’s proportion of disputed domains lodged with WIPO fell from 71.71% to 66.89%.

Country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) accounted for some 14% of WIPO filings, with 74 national domain registries designating this WIPO dispute resolution service, which is similar to 2015 when they accounted for 13.7% of all filings in 2015, with 71 registries designating this WIPO dispute resolution service.

While there are other dispute resolution bodies and procedures, WIPO handles more disputes than others. And their numbers are misleading as they don’t reflect the changes in registration numbers.

“The continuing growth in cybersquatting cases worldwide shows the need for continued vigilance by trademark owners and consumers alike,” said WIPO Director General Francis Gurry. “This is even more important as a considerable number of these disputes involve incidents of online counterfeiting. In such cases, WIPO assists in restoring these domain names to trademark owners, thereby curbing consumer deception.”

WIPO UDRP cases in 2016 involved parties from 109 countries. Among the countries where filings originated, the U.S. remained first with 895 cases filed, followed by France (466), Germany (273), the U.K. (237) and Switzerland (180). Among the top five filing countries, France (+38%) saw the highest growth in cases filed.

The top sectors of complainant activity were banking and finance (12% of all cases), fashion (9%), heavy industry and machinery (9%), internet and IT (8%), biotechnology and pharmaceuticals (7%) and retail (7%). Philip Morris leads the list of filers – 67 cases – followed by AB Electrolux (51) and Hugo Boss, LEGO, and Michelin (42 each). In 2016 WIPO appointed 305 panellists from 47 countries, and administered proceedings in 15 different languages.

.XYZ To Auction 350 Short Domains Commencing 4 January

dotXYZ logoBeginning 4 January, the .xyz registry will put up for auction 350 “rare and desirable” short domains in a partnership with China’s Chengdu West.

Domains up for auction include 55.xyz, 222.xyz, GDP.xyz, and DGG.xyz. It’s the first time that many of these domains have ever been made available, and also the first .xyz auction in China since the gTLD became accredited to have its domains legally registered and hosted within the country. All auctions have NO RESERVES, and best of all, will renew at standard prices.

There are 10 categories of domains available in this auction:

Numbers only Letters only Numbers & Letters
1N Single syllable 2C
2N 2L
3N 3L – consonants only
4N 3L – consonants & vowels

The final domain in the auction is 2.xyz, which is only the fifth ever single-character .xyz domain to be auctioned. Below is a complete list of 1-character .xyz domains sold:

Domain Sale price Date
8.xyz $82,000 USD September 2015
6.xyz $125,000 USD November 2015
9.xyz $176,000 USD December 2015
1.xyz $182,000 USD March 2016
2.xyz ??? January 2017

The first auctions close on 4 January and final bidding ends on 13 January. Previous auction results can be viewed to see what similar domains have sold for in the past. Remember – all domains in the auction will be sold at NO RESERVE and will renew for standard fees. View the full list of available domains and start bidding at www.West.xyz.

Chinese Government Approval For .CLUB, .VIP and .XYZ Means Further Big Growth Opportunities

The Chinese government’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has given official approval for the .club, .vip and .xyz new gTLDs meaning they can now apply for relevant local licenses to be hosted within the country. Previously only .com and .net operated by Verisign had this official approval.It’s a hugely significant opportunity for the three new generic Top Level Domains as previously registrants were required to host their domain names in these gTLDs outside the country. China already accounts for at least 40% and possibly around half of all registrations for all new gTLDs. However one probable trade-off is that the Chinese government can order domain names, and hosted websites, to be deleted it doesn’t approve of.The three gTLDs are among the top ten when it comes to registration numbers. According to nTLDstats.com, .xyz is the largest with 6.671 million registrations while .club is the fifth largest (881,300) and .vip ninth (531,500) accounting for almost 3 in 10 (29.89%) of all registrations.China’s significance can be shown by it accounting for a growing number of registrations, both for new gTLDs and legacy gTLDs, particularly short domains and even more so short numeric domains, and all three new gTLDs having offices there.While there are almost twice as many .cn domains registered within China than .com – around 20 million .cn compared to 11 million .com, .com domains attract higher premiums from investors according to the Coreile Letter blog with .com being considered a “door to the world [for] a Chinese enterprise, and every Chinese company aspires to have a ‘grand’ entrance.”Additionally, many numbers rhyme with Chinese characters. Coreile gives the example of “520” that “rhymes with (sounds like) the Chinese characters 我愛你 (I love you), which is perfect for a dating website.” And the third reason given by Coreile is that Chinese companies like to use acronyms for their domains, practice not as common for western companies. “For example, Jing Dong upgraded from JingDong.com (and 360buy.com) to JD.com and Zhu Ba Jie from Zhubajie.com to ZBJ.com. This is possible because these acronym names correspond to the fully spelled out Pinyin names. In other words, Chinese consumers have no difficulty remembering either an acronym name or its fully spelled out Pinyin name.”According to nTLDstats.com, there are almost 12 million (11.910 million) domain names registered to registrants within China out of 27.015 million across the 1,209 new gTLDs that have been delegated, however there are also 7.390 million domains that the registrant is unknown, usually through the use of Whois proxy services. There is only one additional country that accounts for over one million registrations – the USA (2.707m).For .club, the registry saw China as a huge opportunity even before their launch, regularly visiting the country since January 2014, months before its official launch. Since then they’ve seen significant growth in registrations from domain investors in China with more than 400,000 domains having been registered there and more than US$2 Million in .CLUB premium name sales made to Chinese investors. They are now one of only five formal government licenses for foreign domains so will be eligible for ICP (Internet Content Provider) numbers. An ICP number is required for every website hosted in mainland China.”The Chinese market is extremely important to us, and we’ve worked very hard at understanding how the regulatory system there works and how we can work with the government as it evolves,” said CEO, Colin Campbell. “We’re very proud to be among the first foreign domain name registries approved. While we’ve already enjoyed some success in China, we now look forward to expanding the reach and popularity of .CLUB to the many businesses and entrepreneurs developing their online presence in China. Being an approved registry opens the door to great expansion for us in the Chinese market.”The word “club” in English is widely used and recognised in China by existing clubs and small businesses, making .club a logical and meaningful domain extension. With over 140 million .com and .net names and nearly 20 million .cn names already registered, businesses looking for good, brandable names are looking further afield for new choices such as the .club new generic Top Level Domain.Likewise MMX, operator of the .vip new gTLD, was very pleased, with CeO Toby Hall saying the “MIIT approval is a major milestone for MMX and the continued successful development of our dot VIP domain. We share the China domain industry’s opinion that regulatory approval will provide for another wave of top-level domain growth in the region. Influential Chinese registrars will now be able to market this select group of approved new gTLDs more actively to the important local Chinese SME end-market for usage. We are deeply honoured to be one of only three registries to be approved in this first round of approvals.”

Global Domain Registrations Grow 7.9 Million In Q2 Driven By New gTLD Growth

There were 334.6 million domain names registered around the world as of 30 June, an increase of 7.9 million, or 2.4 percent, over the previous quarter with three quarters (74.7%) of the growth coming from registrations in new generic Top Level Domains, according to the latest Verisign Domain Name Industry Brief.Among the new gTLDs, there were 22 million domain names registered as of 30 June compared to 16.1 million as of 31 March, an increase of 5.9 million for the quarter. Domain registrations in new gTLDs account for 6.6 percent of all domain registrations compared to 4.9 percent at the end of the previous quarter and two percent a year ago.The ten largest TLDs were .com, .tk, .cn, .de, .net, .org, .uk, .xyz, .ru and .nl. The biggest change for the quarter was .xyz’s inclusion in the top ten, the largest of the new gTLDs and the first of the new gTLDs to break into the top ten. The largest TLD of them all, .com, now has 127.5 million registrations, an increase of 900,000 registrations for the quarter and 9 million for the year, while .net has 15.8 million dropping around 100,000 from the previous quarter, but overall up 800,000 registrations in the past 12 months.Total ccTLD domain name registrations were approximately 149.9 million in the first quarter of 2016, with an increase of 1.4 million domain name registrations, or a 1.0 percent increase compared to the first quarter of 2016. ccTLDs increased by approximately 11.7 million domain name registrations, or 8.5 percent, year over year. Without including .tk, ccTLD domain name registration growth quarter-over-quarter was 1.2 percent and growth year-over-year was 10.7 percent.During the second quarter of 2016, Verisign’s average daily Domain Name System (DNS) query load was approximately 130 billion queries per day across all TLDs operated by Verisign, with a peak of nearly 179 billion queries. Quarter over quarter, the daily average query load increased 4.9 percent and the peak decreased by 5.0 percent. Year over year, the daily average query load increased by 17.0 percent, and the peak decreased by 1.5 percent.

Rightside Declines Donuts’ $70m Offer For Its gTLDs

Rightside have rejected the Donuts cash offer of $70 million for its entire registry of new generic Top Level Domains “after careful consideration and in consultation with its independent financial and legal advisors”.Partly explaining their rejection, Rightside noted in a news release the “registry business that Donuts has proposed to acquire is the cornerstone of the company’s long-term target model.” The company is targeting annual registry revenue over the next three to five years of between $50 and $75 million. In their most recent financial announcement covering the first quarter of 2016, Rightside said their registry services revenue grew 64 percent to $2.6 million.Currently Rightside have 40 new gTLDs delegated with all but one having entered General Availability and registrations approaching 546,000, or 2.38 percent of all domains registered in new gTLDs, according to nTLDstats.com.The largest new gTLD registry operator by new gTLDs is Donuts with 194 and by registration numbers is xyz.com with over 6.476 million registrations, the largest being .xyz with over 6.458 million.Only time will tell if the Donuts offer is testing the waters and a subsequent higher offer comes in the near future.”Rightside’s Registry business is core to the Company’s strategy and provides the best opportunity to deliver long-term shareholder value. After thoughtful evaluation, Rightside’s Board has determined that Donuts’ proposal significantly undervalues Rightside’s Registry assets,” said Taryn Naidu, CEO of Rightside. “We believe Donuts’ proposal is an opportunistic attempt to acquire Rightside’s valuable portfolio of domain extensions with an undervalued price and in a manner that would not be in the best interests of Rightside shareholders.”Naidu added, “The Board and management are aligned on a clear strategy – building Rightside’s position as a leading domain name company that specializes in delivering new possibilities for consumers and businesses to define and present themselves online. We operate broad distribution assets and have acquired an outstanding portfolio of 40 new gTLDs that map to extremely large addressable markets and the culturally transformative activities that have shaped the world’s use of the Internet. We are well-positioned for growth.””Rightside and its shareholders have many reasons to be excited about the Company’s future opportunities. We remain confident that we have the right people, technology and products to continue to execute on our strategy and maximize shareholder value.”

New gTLD Registrations Soar Past 22 Million As .STORE Takes Off, While Other gTLDs Shrink

Registrations for the 1,032 delegated new generic Top Level Domains have soared past the 22 million mark to 22.52 million, with .xyz accounting for 6.226 million of these. Plus there was an impressive start this week for .store with 16,000 registrations on day one of General Availability.The .store gTLD has now reached 22,700 registrations two days after CentralNic launched its General Availability putting it well within the top 100 gTLDs according to nTLDstats.com.But .xyz still dominates accounting for 28.12 percent of all new gTLD registrations, jumping to 6.053 million on 3 June from 2.921 million on 31 May on the back of a heavily discounted promotion to celebrate its second birthday. .TOP remains the second largest gTLD with 2.628 million registrations followed by .wang with 1.070 million, the only three with over one million registrations.But some of these new gTLDs are actually losing registration numbers. Research by Domain Incite has found that a significant number are losing registrations.Domain Incite found that almost a third (31.1% or 104) of gTLDs available for public registrations, and for which General Availability commenced before 14 March 2015, lost registrations in the three months to 1 June 2016. In the year to 1 June, 76 (22.7%) lost registrations and 96 (28.7%) lost registrations in the preceding 30 days. The full list is published here.

.XYZ Celebrates 2nd Birthday With Discounted $2 Domains

dotXYZ logoThe largest of the new gTLDs, .xyz, is celebrating its second birthday by almost giving away domains for a US$1.99 each in a flash sale! And instra wants you to join in the celebrations.

Through instra or its subsidiaries such as Asia Registry, Europe Registry, Africa Registry or Only Domains, we’re offering .xyz domains for US$1.99/€1.80/£1.40. But the prices are only available for a limited period and expire at midnight, although which time zone I’m not sure.

There are currently 2,956,740 .xyz domains registered, around 450,000 more than the second largest of the new gTLDs, .top, which has 2,498,698 registrations according to the most recent statistics from nTLDstats.com.

There are limitations and the offer only applies to new registrations and domains can only be registered for one year at this price.

Chinese Demand Sees Over 1 Million New gTLD Domains Registered In 4 Days With Total Registrations Almost 14 Million

There was a huge growth in the registrations of domain names in new gTLDs largely driven by registrations in China that saw 1.2 million domains registered in just four days, from 14 to 18 February according to figures compiled by nTLDstats.com. The massive growth took total registrations to 13.898 million as of 19 February.The growth was most noticeable in the .top gTLD with 410,415 registrations in just two days – 15 and 16 February. There were also another 202,395 registrations from 14 to 18 February as well as 103,211 .win registrations from 15 to 18 February.For .top, 83.69 percent of their registrations are accounted for by just five registrars, all of which are based in China while for .win the figure is even higher with 88.46 percent of all registrations coming again from just five Chinese based registrars.The largest of the new gTLDs by registration numbers continues to be .xyz with 2.530 million domains registered. Again the Chinese influence is huge, with Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology accounting for over two in five (43.87%) of all registrations whereas once Network Solutions with their controversial promotion accounted for over 80 percent of all .xyz registrations. Today that figure is less than one percent (0.87%).The total growth in new gTLD registrations has been quite phenomenal. The ten millionth new gTLD domain was registered on 17 November, the 11 millionth on 24 December, the 12 millionth on 4 February and 13 millionth on 16 February.