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Donuts Demands $22.5m From ICANN In Lawsuit Over Failed .WEB Bid

Donuts logoDonuts is suing ICANN for a minimum of $22.5 million over its failed bid for .web. In their claim in the US District Court, Central District of California, Donuts claim ICANN “willfully and intentionally committed wrongful acts” over Verisign’s financing of Nu Dot Co’s successful $135 million bid at auction for the new generic Top Level Domain.

The figure comes from the approximate amount each of the six losing applicants would have received if the contention set had been resolved at a private auction, had it gone for the same amount.

Donuts claim that ICANN” “intentionally failed to abide by its contractual obligations to conduct a full and open investigation into Nu Dot Co’s admission because it was in ICANN’s interest that the .web contention set be resolved by way of ICANN auction.”

“ICANN deprived Donuts and the other applicants for the .web gTLD of the right to compete for .web in accordance with established ICANN policy. Court intervention is necessary to ensure ICANN’s compliance with its own accountability and transparency mechanisms.”

The lawsuit has been filed (and revised) for the second time, originally filed within a day of ICANN denying Donuts, and others, request to delay the auction.

For more detail on the lawsuit, see the Domain Incite report at:

ICANN: Auction for 1 Contention Set Slated for 27 July 2016

ICANN new generic Top Level Domains logoAn auction will be facilitated by Power Auctions LLC on 27 July 2016 to resolve string contention for one new generic top-level domain (gTLD) contention set: .WEB/.WEBS. This set is an indirect contention set consisting of both the WEB and WEBS strings.

An indirect contention set is when two applications are both in direct contention with a third application, but not with one another. Eight applicants have completed all necessary prerequisites to participate in the “method of last resort” auction, and the auction will proceed on 27 July 2016.

Within seven days after the completion of the auction, the results, including a results report, will be posted to the Auction Results page of the New gTLD Microsite. In addition, the Auction Proceeds page will be updated within seven days to reflect the proceeds and costs related to the Auction.

For additional information regarding New gTLD Program auctions, please view the Auctions landing page.

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