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.CYMRU And .WALES Countdown Begins Following Delegation

DotCYMRU & DotWALES logoFollowing ICANN’s delegation of the Welsh gTLDs .cymru and .wales, Nominet has published an update on the timetable for their availability.

From 1 September, businesses that have already registered their trademarks with ICANN’s Trademark Clearing House can begin the process of registering their new Welsh domains. The second registration phase, which gives Welsh businesses priority, starts in November with availability to the general public beginning on St David’s Day, 1 March 2015.

The Nominet announcement notes “Wales occupies a special place in the UK and in the world, with a distinctive identity and culture, and of course its own language. With the new .cymru and .wales web addresses there will now be a truly Welsh space on the internet. Strong backing for the new domain names has already come from a host of organisations that will be the first to switch to underline their Welsh identity online, among them the Welsh Government, S4C, the National Assembly for Wales, Sport Wales, the Federation of Small Businesses Wales, the Scarlets rugby team and the Arts Council for Wales.”

So Nominet say if you’re proud of being Welsh and the Welsh connection is important to your business, make sure you secure your .cymru or .wales web address. For more information, see ourhomeonline.org.uk.

Welsh Farmers Show Off Their New .WALES And .CYMRU Domains

DotCYMRU & DotWALES logoIt was Royal Welsh Show day yesterday (21 July) and it was notable in the domain name world because at the show a number of prominent Welsh organisations announced they were switching to .wales and .cymru domains.

The Welsh language TV channel S4C, the National Assembly for Wales, Wales Federation of Young Farmers Club, Sport Wales, the Welsh Books Council and the Arts Council for Wales all announced they will be using their new domains to underline their Welsh identity online. The Welsh government announced its switch to .cymru and .wales just last month and some will be switching over as soon as the new domains go live in late autumn.

Nominet, the company behind .cymru and .wales is encouraging trademark holders to act now to help to secure the corresponding domain name by submitting it to the Trademark Clearing House before the end of July.

General availability will commence on St David’s Day (1 March) in 2015. St David is the patron saint of Wales.

Welsh Government To Replace .GOV.UK With .WALES/.CYMRU When gTLD Launches

DotCYMRU & DotWALES logoThe Welsh government has announced that when the countries gTLDs are launched, they will replacing their .gov.uk domains with .wales and .cymru.

The announcement was made by the Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones Monday at the ICANN meeting currently underway in London.

Jones said he was “thrilled that Wales will finally have a natural home on the Web” and the new gTLDs will be economically and culturally beneficial and promote and encourage the use of the Welsh language online.

“Names are an important part of how we communicate our identity to each other. And that’s why I’m so pleased that from September we will be able to register domain names in .wales and .cymru – we will finally have a way of using our websites and email addresses to reflect the identity we feel in our hearts.

“That’s why I am also pleased to announce here today that the Welsh Government will be moving our online presence from .gov.uk to the new domains as part of our renewal of how we serve and interact with citizens in Wales.”

Additionally, bodies that rely on the Welsh government for funding will also be expected to change their domains to the new Welsh gTLDs in time.

In his speech during the opening of the ICANN meeting, Jones explained how Wales and Welsh was different to England and English, noting how the Welsh value their autonomous government and independence in sport, particularly rugby and soccer.

There was also a performance from the Welsh choir Only Men Aloud who are to become the first performing artists with a .wales/.cymru domain.

Sunrise for the two gTLDs is due to launch in September and General Availability in spring 2015.