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Landrush: Generic .VLAANDEREN And .BRUSSELS Domains Now Available

Are football.vlaanderen and shopping.brussels still available? Starting today, everyone has the opportunity to grab their favourite .vlaanderen or .brussels domain name. And if there is more than one applicant for any particular domain name, that name will then go up for auction.

Beginning today, 16 December, and running through until 15 January 2015, it doesn’t matter what type of applicant you are, what nationality you have or which domain name you want to register. Because right now, anyone can apply to register any .vlaanderen or .brussels domain name they want. All of the names that are still available and not reserved can be applied for via your registrar. Which includes generic names such as football.vlaanderen, or whatever. You’ll find more inspiring ideas for generic names if you go to www.trotsop.vlaanderen

Read all about the Landrush phase here.

A typical feature of a Landrush phase is that we don’t allocate the domain names immediately on a first come, first served basis. Instead, we collect all of the applications and keep them until the end of the phase. This means that until 15 January 2015, everyone has the same opportunity to apply for a specific domain name. Then, after the phase closes, we take a look at how many applicants there are for each specific domain name. If there is just one applicant, we automatically allocate the domain name to that one person. But if there are several applicants for the same domain name, we proceed to an auction, with the domain name being allocated to the highest bidder.

Read more about the auction.

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