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Daily Update: ICANN Cans Sydney Office, New gTLDs, .VN Cybersquatting, Selling Your Name

ICANN has closed its Sydney office Domain Incite has revealed, with staff there made redundant over the Christmas period. The office was originally established when Paul Twomey was CEO and president.

Another Domain Incite report says “the Independent Objector for ICANN’s new gTLD program has given a preliminary nod to applications for .sex, .gay, .wtf and six other potentially ‘controversial’ applied-for strings.”

There have been a number of applications for gTLDs withdrawn, and Doug Isenberg on his Isenberg On Domains blog notes the number has now grown to 13. The post notes the “list includes the first ‘dot brands’ to withdraw, including .caremore, .cialis and .hilton. In its application for .cialis, Eli Lilly had confessed that it ‘does not believe that there has been enough time or information available to fully analyze and evaluate all potential use case options.’”

One of the two applications for .swiss was also withdrawn following “an ‘early warning’ notice from ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee.”

“The Iranian government has filed late Early Warnings against 29 new gTLD applications, mostly on the basis that the applied-for strings are un-Islamic and ‘unethical,’” Domain Incite reports.

The report continues that “bids for .gay, .sex, .wine, .bet, .poker and others relating to sexuality, alcohol and gambling are ‘in conflict with ethical standards’ in Iran, according to the submissions.”

In Vietnam, a man that is well known in the country as the “domain name baron”, who has become wealthy buying and selling domain names, is being sued by Eurowindow, reports Vietnamnet Bridge. Nguyen Trong Khoa bought some .com domains including the “eurowindow” string and then offered to sell Eurowindow a set of four domains for $50,000. According to the report, a source has said “Eurowindow is considering denouncing Khoa to the Ministry of Public Security with the title of ‘blackmailing.’”

On the Domain Name Strategy blog, a blog from FairWinds Partners, there is an article about a man that “sold his last name to Headsets.com for $45,500 for the year.”

“On January 1, he will legally change his name to Jason Headsets.com, a move that he has documented in detail on his website (where he also explains that he will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity).”

ccTLD Updates for .xxx, .pw, .ru, .fr, .nl, .ee, vn, .be, .no

“What has really happened as a result of .XXX?” one year on from its launch is the focus of an article on Xbiz.

The article notes that “among other things, new sites have come to market, new companies have formed to capitalise on new opportunities in the adult space and a level of accountability and oversight added to an industry that has long shunned supervision of any sort — while the majority of trademark disputes have been swiftly resolved in favour of the legitimate rights holders.”

And it notes that ICM Registry’s Stuart Lawley claims .XXX “has comfortably exceeded the company’s sales expectations — based on the figures it communicated back in 2003 and 2004 in its original application to ICANN.” ICM also believes renewal rates will be high, even though the first anniversary is not quite here.

The .pw ccTLD is relaunching being branded as ‘the Professional Web, with the new registry opening up a 68-day sunrise programme as of 3 December. The sunrise offers some unique features aimed at reducing overhead for brand-owners.

A guest posting on DomainNameNews from Kate Moran of TM.Biz, .pw’s trademark validation agent, looked at trademark validation for .PW. Unsurprisingly the posting considers .pw a leader, saying “the .pw registry is proposing to protect not only exact matches, but also any domain containing the trademark, misspellings, abbreviations and language translations of the validated trademark. The trademark validation agent, TM.Biz is coupling these rules with automated searches of 70 trademark databases.”

On 4 December, the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ and the Technical Center of Internet generated DNSSEC keys for .RU, one of the two Russian national domains. A formal event signified the first phase of signing .RU with DNSSEC, with all works expected to be finalised by the end of December 2012.

The .FR registry, Afnic, has released their December 2012 Domain Name Industry. The latest report looks at the growth rate for IPV6-compatible .fr domain names. In the report Afnic focuses on the success rate of Syreli claims in relation to the age of the domain name. Everything suggests that rights-holders are reactive and quickly intervene to enforce their rights via the Syreli procedure. The full report is available from the Afnic website here.

SIDN, the .nl registry, has published their final report of the 2012 Domain Name Debate. The debate examined issues such as availability of registrant’s details from Whois and drop catching. To check out the final report, check out the SIDN website here.

The price to registrars of .ee domain names will be cut by 11.8 percent on 1 March 2013, which will see the price cut from €17 to €15. Maximum registration periods will also be extended with options of two and three years.

Registrations of .vn domain names hit225,970 in the third quarter of 2012 according to VNNIC’s white paper on Vietnam’s internet.

Alternative Dispute Resolution celebrated its tenth birthday on 12 December, the .be registry dns.be announced. To mark the occasion, Cepina (the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation) organised a symposium in conjunction with DNS.be.

Norid, the registry for .no domain names, is again receiving reports on a company who tries to force Norwegian companies to buy domain names. The service is said to be offered to protect a company name or brand.

The issue may be a proposal to register a domain name within other top level domains, such as .com or .as, or they may suggest to register the domain name in different spellings, for instance with and without a hyphen. The company who offers services like this, often tells a story about other actors interested in buying the domain name, and that they need a quick decision.


.VN IDNs Popular With Rural Vietnamese Internet Users

Vietnamese internet users in rural areas have taken to the Vietnamese language internationalised domain name, making up a large proportion of the 320,000 Vietnamese language domains that have been registered since 28 April.

“Internet users in rural areas were especially fond of using Vietnamese-language domain names since they used Vietnamese almost exclusively on the internet. The meaning of Vietnamese domain names was also clearer and more understandable to Vietnamese users,” said Tran Minh Tan, deputy director of the VNNIC, part of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

“The Vietnamese IDNs represent a concerted effort on the part of VNNIC and Dot VN to reach the whole of the Vietnamese population and not just those that reside in major cities. While many online services have focused almost exclusively on urban users in major cities, those users represent but a small fraction of the over 89 million people that make up the population of Vietnam.” said Dot VN President Lee Johnson.

“We hope to be a leader in the development of services for the as yet underserved majority of existing and potential internet users. The Vietnamese IDN resonates with the whole of Vietnamese Society in a fundamental way and engages Vietnamese users in their native speech in a way that is far superior to standard Vietnamese domain names. We believe that it is this connection that will allow us to reach countless millions of new Vietnamese users with a depth and scope not yet achieved through the power of their native language. As VNNIC’s partner in the IDN project we will continue to dedicate ourselves to reaching all corners of Vietnam from the cities to the fields with the very best products and services.”

Up until early this year, there were strict limitations on the allocation of .VN domain names. But on 10 January the regulations changed. To assist on their uptake, .VN domains are allocated to Vietnamese and foreign organisations and individuals on a first-come, first-served basis according to VNS report. The allocation of free .VN domains commenced on 28 April.

Asia Registry logoTo register your .VN domain name, check out Europe Registry here, although more information on .VN domains is available from dotVN here.