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Vietnam threatens to shut down Facebook over censorship requests – source; Pakistani Censorship and India Pressures Twitter

Vietnam has threatened to shut down Facebook in the country if it does not bow to government pressure to censor more local political content on its platform, a senior official at the U.S. social media giant told Reuters.

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.VN Sees Surge In COVID-19 Taking Total Registrations To Half Million

Viet Nam’s ccTLD has seen a surge in growth that saw it surge past the half million registrations mark in the first quarter of 2020 with total .vn domain names reaching 501,124 at the end of March, over half (289,556) of which were registered at the second level. There were also 171,106 .com.vn and 21,123 .edu.vn domains. This is an increase of 29,560 from the 471,564 from the end of March 2019 and an increase of 4,150 from the 496,974 at the end of December 2019.

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.VN Hits Half a Million

The number of .vn domain names had passed the half million mark at the end of October according to the Việt Nam Internet Resources Report 2019 published last week with the total number as of 31 October being 501,027.

These 501,027 .vn domain names represents almost half (49.0%) of all domain names registered in the country according to the report, with 49.4% for legacy gTLDs and the remaining 1.6% for new gTLDs. The 49% figure for .vn in Việt Nam ranks the country somewhere in the middle of its peers in the region with .tw (Taiwan), .kz (Kazakhstan) and .uz (Uzbekistan) all having over 90% market share within the country while .th (Thailand) is less than 10% being the extremes of the 16 profiled.

There was also a reform of administrative procedures and supplementing regulations to resolve some practical situations such as electronic records, marking a major improvement in the management of .vn during the year.

The major cities of Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi accounted for the majority of .vn domain name registrations with 189,336 and 174,171 respectively, while no other city or town managed more than 10,000.

There are 13 second level domains with .com.vn the largest with 34.56% of .vn domain names, .edu.vn (4.24%) and .net.vn (1.77%) being the only 2LDs with more than a 1% market share, while registrations at the second level accounted for 57.25%.

According to the report from Việt Nam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC), the number of IPv4 addresses allocated to Việt Nam reached 16,001,024 at the end of October, ranking the south east Asian country second in the region, eighth in Asia and 29th globally.

Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)’s statistics showed that the use of IPv6 for Việt Nam reaches approximately 40 per cent, ranking second in ASEAN and eighth globally with more than 21,000,000 IPv6 users by October.

In their annual report, VNNIC note a number of other activities for 2019 including signing a new partnership agreement with CCTLD.RU to strengthen the cooperation in management and ensure the security of national critical internet infrastructure system.

There are also 14 registrars for Việt Nam’s country code top-level domain while registrants of 3,237 domain names have utilised VNNIC’s Registry Lock and 170 domains are made more secure having DNSSEC enabled.

The Việt Nam Internet Resources Report 2019 published by the Việt Nam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) is available for download in Vietnamese only here [pdf].

.VN Sees Domain Registration Growth of 8.3% in 2018 On Back Of New Online Registration System

IPv6 penetration grew by a quarter (25.85%) in 2018 to take Viet Nam’s ccTLD to 13th place globally for IPv6 adoption while domain names under management reached 465,890, an increase of 8.3% compared to the end of 2017. Since 2011, .vn has been one of top 10 ccTLDs for growth in the Asia Pacific.

The growth in registrations in 2018 came on the back of a new registration procedure and management system for .vn that came into effect in September 2018. The simplified registration process means it’s much easier for to register domain names in Viet Nam’s country code top level domain but still comply with Vietnamese regulations and laws.

The growth in IPv6 deployment of 25.85% means there are now more than 14 million IPv6 users including 6.5 million of FTTH subscribers and 3.1 million of mobile users. Viet Nam was ranked the second place in ASEAN, the 6th place in Asia Pacific and 13th place globally for the highest IPv6 adoption rate.

2018 also saw VNNIC, the .vn ccTLD registry, continuously improve the stable connection, security and safety for the national DNS .VN system and other critical information infrastructures operated by VNNIC. DNSSEC was extended to all national DNS servers and the national .vn DNS system is connected with DNS ROOT and international DNS systems.

By the end of 2018, the Viet Nam National Internet eXchange (VNIX) system had 20 members peering over exchange points in Ha Noi city, Da Nang city and Ho Chi Minh city with the total connection bandwidth reaching 269 Gbps. 13 of VNIX members deployed dual-stack network. Among them, CMCTI, VNPTNET and Viettel are 3 ISPs having the highest amount of traffic over VNIX which are 51GB, 50GB and 42GB respectively which increased by about 34% compared to their traffic over VNIX in 2017.

On 7 August, VNNIC maintained and extended the validity of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification standard within the scope of operation and management of essential network systems in Viet Nam including the national DNS .VN system, the Internet eXchange system and Internet data centers (IDCs) in Ha Noi city, Da Nang city and Ho Chi Minh city.

In 2019, VNNIC plans include accomplish the Viet Nam National IPv6 Action Plan, continuously promote the use of internet resources in Viet Nam, and strengthen the security of critical information infrastructures including the national DNS .vn and VNIX system, improve the effectiveness of internet resources management policy and develop regulations for the auction of one and two-character .vn domain names and to innovate VNIX operating system following international standards.

.VN Showcased in Vietnamese Postage Stamps

dotVN_postage_stampsOn the occasion of APEC Economic Leader’s Week, the Ministry of Information and Communications officially released Vietnam’s APEC postage stamps 2017 on November 6th 2017. Presented in this special postage printing, Viet Nam ccTLD with message “.VN enhances Vietnamese brands” expresses a desire to develop and integrate into a technological era.

Vietnam’s APEC postage stamps are not only the special communications to commemorate the second time Viet Nam playing host to the APEC, but also become a priceless gift to remind beautiful Viet Nam that is gradually innovating and integrating all aspects. In line with the theme of APEC 2017 “creating new dynamism, fostering a shared future”, “.VN” country code top level domain name is a factor contributing to Viet Nam’s economics and helping Vietnamese enterprises develop and gain customers’ trust.

In technological era, that Internet users is growing very fast created new online business trend. Therefore, enterprises need new effective business model and marketing solutions. A memorable domain names combining with creative and professional websites are what they need to make the good first impression to customers.

In fact, “.VN” has been becoming an implied geographical indication. Website registered “.VN” ccTLD could benefit from search engines for country-based search results depending on the IP addresses of users. Besides, using “.VN” has secured the safety and sufficiency for the Internet community in Viet Nam with more updated domain services. In many ways, “.VN” seems to be a guarantee stamp for Vietnamese good products

Since 2011, “.VN” has kept stably the first position in the number of registered domains in the ASEAN region. By October 31st 2017, the cumulative number of “.VN” domain name registration reached 422,601 domains as well as reaching the 7th place in Asia’s top 10 ccTLDs with highest number of registrations. This achievement reflects the continuing development of “.VN” among the global domain industry and the prospect of a promising future of “.VN” domain name.

Being presented in Vietnam’s APEC postage stamps 2017, “.VN” demonstrates its position in the Internet map that symbolizes for Viet Nam integrating but not dissolving in the Internet.

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.XYZ Celebrates Independence Day in 5 Asian Countries With Discounted Promotions

dotXYZ logoThe .xyz new gTLD may have dropped 5 million registrations this year following very low renewal rates following discounted promotions in 2016, but it hasn’t stopped them having an eye on more discounted promotions.

Five nations in Asia – Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam – celebrate their respective independence days in August and early September. To celebrate, .xyz has joined with regional registrars to run special, limited-time sales.

So if you want a discounted .xyz domain and want to use a regional registrar, check out the .xyz website here for a list of the promotions and registrars.

Once Free .VN Domain Names Now Available Through Registrars

VietnamNIC_VNNIC_logoRegistrants of internationalised domain names for Vietnam’s ccTLD, .vn, can now register their domains through registrars instead of only through the registry as before. The change took place on 15 April.

“The participation in the Vietnamese domain name market of registrars promises a vibrant Vietnamese domain name market in which users will have more choices of providers,” a VNNIC representative said.

.VN internationalised domain names were launched in March 2007 and from April 2011 .vn domains were free to register, which saw a boom in registrations with the total today standing at 1,071,163 and around 290,000 of these are active.

The free registration period ended on 1 January this year.

Vietnam’s Finance Ministry Lowers .VN Registry Fee

vietnam-ministry-of-finance-logoThe fees for registering .vn domain names were lowered on 1 January 2017 Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance announced.

Currently registrars are unable to charge fees higher than the Ministry of Finance stipulates, with fees transferred to the .vn registry, VNNIC, and registrars are unable to receive commissions of above 30%.

However on 1 January it all changed according to media reports such as in VietnamNet. From this date registrars won’t receive commissions, but can set up domain registration and maintenance fees higher than stipulated to cover expenses and make profits. However, the fees must not be higher than the ceiling levels.

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has lowered the registry fee to make .vn more competitive with TLDs such as .com.

According to Do Quang Trung, head of VNNIC’s HCMC Branch, the policy will create competition in prices among registration agencies and eliminate price gaps between national domain name .vn and international domain names reported VietnamNet.

The fees for .vn domain name stipulated in Circular 208 are close to, or even lower, than the fees for TLDs such as .com or .net.

The floor fee level set by MOF for someone to register a .vn domain is VND200,000 ($8.80), while the annual maintenance fee is VND350,000.

The third-level domain names registered under 2LDs such as edu.vn, gov.vn and info.vn have registration and maintenance fees of VND120,000 and VND150,000, respectively. The third-level domain name – name.vn has very low fee of VND30,000.

The current fees for registering and using ‘.vn’ domain name for the first year offered by some biggest registration agents is VND830,000. The fee for maintaining the domain name in the next years is over VND400,000.

There are currently approximately one million .vn domain names registered with three-quarters (74%) registered to individuals and the remainder to organisations.

Daily Wrap: .BANK and .VN Keep Moving, Sherry Gets First .WINE Registration

BANK gTLD logoThe .bank gTLD continues to get traction with the banking community having reached 5,165 registrations from banks within the United States from 2,534 banks and 560 registrations from banks outside the US.

Registrations of .vn domains continue to grow with over 106,300 new .vn domains registered in the first 11 months of 2015 bringing the total number of registrations to 343,370, a year-on-year increase of 16.4 per cent, according to the Viet Nam Internet Network Information Centre (VNNIC).

Sherry Wines became the first company in the world to use a .wine domain apart from the registry, according to a report on The Drinks Business. Previously the company used the sherry.org domain. According to the report, “sherry.wine will publish interviews, events, recipes and news in English, Spanish, German and Dutch.”

Daily Update: ICANN Cans Sydney Office, New gTLDs, .VN Cybersquatting, Selling Your Name

ICANN has closed its Sydney office Domain Incite has revealed, with staff there made redundant over the Christmas period. The office was originally established when Paul Twomey was CEO and president.

Another Domain Incite report says “the Independent Objector for ICANN’s new gTLD program has given a preliminary nod to applications for .sex, .gay, .wtf and six other potentially ‘controversial’ applied-for strings.”

There have been a number of applications for gTLDs withdrawn, and Doug Isenberg on his Isenberg On Domains blog notes the number has now grown to 13. The post notes the “list includes the first ‘dot brands’ to withdraw, including .caremore, .cialis and .hilton. In its application for .cialis, Eli Lilly had confessed that it ‘does not believe that there has been enough time or information available to fully analyze and evaluate all potential use case options.’”

One of the two applications for .swiss was also withdrawn following “an ‘early warning’ notice from ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee.”

“The Iranian government has filed late Early Warnings against 29 new gTLD applications, mostly on the basis that the applied-for strings are un-Islamic and ‘unethical,’” Domain Incite reports.

The report continues that “bids for .gay, .sex, .wine, .bet, .poker and others relating to sexuality, alcohol and gambling are ‘in conflict with ethical standards’ in Iran, according to the submissions.”

In Vietnam, a man that is well known in the country as the “domain name baron”, who has become wealthy buying and selling domain names, is being sued by Eurowindow, reports Vietnamnet Bridge. Nguyen Trong Khoa bought some .com domains including the “eurowindow” string and then offered to sell Eurowindow a set of four domains for $50,000. According to the report, a source has said “Eurowindow is considering denouncing Khoa to the Ministry of Public Security with the title of ‘blackmailing.’”

On the Domain Name Strategy blog, a blog from FairWinds Partners, there is an article about a man that “sold his last name to Headsets.com for $45,500 for the year.”

“On January 1, he will legally change his name to Jason Headsets.com, a move that he has documented in detail on his website (where he also explains that he will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity).”