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Nominet Internet Awards reveal the best of the UK’s online initiatives

Nominet logoNominet has announced the winners of the 2012 Nominet Internet Awards, which includes a series of Internet safety sketches from the CBBC Horrible Histories team, a website educating youngsters about AIDs and HIV, and a free online service that helps those below the poverty line gain easier access to benefits.

The annual awards celebrate projects that help to make the internet a more secure, open, accessible and diverse experience for all. For the first time, this year’s ceremony also featured a category for Outstanding Contribution to the UK Internet, which was won by The Raspberry Pi Foundation following a public vote.

The full list of categories and winners is as follows:
Most innovative business: Hao2.eu Ltd 3D Novations is an initiative that provides people with autistic spectrum conditions (ASC) with access to employment, training and business opportunities via the Internet within a 3D virtual world.
Runner up: SimplyUnite, which provides simplified access to emails, Skype and the internet for people living in residential care through its SimplyUnite Gem service.

Online training & education: AVERT.org is an educational website produced by UK charity AVERT, offering a safe and accessible platform for teaching and learning about HIV and AIDS. The website mixes different forms of digital media, videos, games and web content to bring a difficult and sensitive subject to life.
Runner up: O2 Learn, which offers a free video library of revision lessons for 13-18 year olds.

Protecting users from crimes & threats: CBBC Horrible Histories is a joint collaboration between BBC Children’s, BBC Learning and Lion TV, in partnership with The UK Safer Internet Centre to support Safer Internet Day, which developed four educational and entertaining sketches to teach young children about the importance of online safety.
Runner up: FinerDay, a free, secure online ‘closed’ social network, allows the older generation, those who are less technically aware, or those that have special needs to stay connected to family, carers, healthcare professionals and the community on a trusted platform.

Charitable or not-for-profit work online: Elizabeth Finn Care offers a free online digital service called Turn2us which helps those below the poverty line gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help through offers various online tools.
Runner up: Saving Bletchley Park is a three year online and social media campaign driven by Dr Sue Black, to secure financial investment and increase visitors to Bletchley Park, the famous WW II site used to decode messages transmitted by the German forces.
Highly commended: Public Zone, a free iPhone app launched by Diabetes UK, which allows users to track their chemical levels, mood, save ‘talking points’ for appointments and make data sharable via social media platforms.

Online public services information: The Hansard Society’s Lords of the Blog is a cross-party blog that encourages dialogue between the public and Members of the House of Lords, allowing members to answer comments, offer insight into their roles and debated topics and current legislation.
Runner up: Loch of Shining Waters in Lochgelly is a group of volunteers who run and develop an online, non-profit, non-commercial, resource site which gathers and centralises historical and present information about Lochgelly.

Outstanding Contribution to the UK Internet: The Raspberry Pi Foundation  which created an affordable, accessible, credit-card sized computer that has been developed by colleagues from the University of Cambridge to encourage children to learn computer programming skills.

Each winner’s initiative will be showcased by Nominet at the next meeting of the United Nations’ Internet Governance Forum (IGF), taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan, in November, to help promote and develop industry best practice.

Lesley Cowley, CEO of Nominet, said: “This year’s winners have again proved that online achievement and innovation in the UK is among the very best in the world. We look forward to proudly showcasing the initiatives at the United Nations’ IGF as the best examples of an accessible, inclusive and safe web environment.”

For more information on the Nominet Internet Awards, visit http://nia.nominet.org.uk

About the Internet Awards

The Nominet Internet Awards is an annual competition which is aimed at UK individuals and organisations who are helping to make the internet a secure, open, accessible and diverse experience for everyone who uses it. These awards celebrate great UK internet projects by recognising achievement and innovation.

Building on the success of the past four years, we will recognise those organisations, groups and individuals who have embraced the challenge of making the internet a secure, open, accessible and diverse experience.  Winners will be promoted in the UK and internationally as examples of best practice.  Supporters of the Nominet Internet Awards include MPs, industry leaders, civil institutions, businesses, public sector and academia.

About Nominet

Nominet is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for the smooth and secure running of the .uk Internet infrastructure. A public service ethos drives everything we do – we strive to make the Internet an ever more trusted space for everyone who uses it.
As one of the world’s largest Internet registries, we maintain a ‘directory’ of domain names ending in.uk, and run the technology which locates the computer hosting the website or email address you are looking for.

We set up and support the Nominet Trust, an independently run charity focussed on increasing access, safety and education on Internet issues.

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.EU Registrations Grow 6% As EURid Sees 2012 As Year Of Reducing Complexity

EURid logo.EU domain name registrations grew 6.1 per cent year over year, the latest EURid progress report for the first quarter of 2012 revealed.

This represents the best annual growth in .EU registrations since Q3 2010 the registry revealed. The first quarter also saw nine per cent more new .EU registrations than at the same time a year ago.

“I am encouraged by .EU’s good start to the year and our continued upward growth in domain name registrations,” said EURid’s General Manager, Marc Van Wesemael. “It is a clear signal that Europeans have a definite appetite for .EU.”

Lithuania recorded the highest annual growth, with a 31 per cent increase of .EU registrations compared with Q1 2011, followed by Austria (22%) and Slovakia (18%). During the same period, registrations in a further seven European Union countries – Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Malta, Poland and Slovenia – grew by ten per cent or more.

.EU completed the first quarter of 2012 with 3.59 million registered domain names, making it the sixth largest ccTLD. Today there are 3,572,856 registrations, meaning there has been a drop of around 200,000 registrations in the last three months. But during quarter one, .EU registrations increased in 23 of the 27 EU nations. Malta, Slovenia and Finland all saw quarterly growth of over four per cent.

The largest ccTLD continues to be .DE (Germany) with 15.07 million domain name registrations, followed by .UK (United Kingdom 10.13m), .TK (Tokelau), .NL (Netherlands – 4.96m), .RU (Russia – 3.83m) and then .EU.

The report also gives information on EURid’s yearly registrar satisfaction survey that was conducted during the fourth quarter 2011. The survey found 87 per cent of .EU registrars rated their experience with EURid as either “excellent” or “very good” which was an improvement on 2010’s score of 84%.

EURid is planning on reducing complexity during 2012 and started the year by simplifying some of their transactions for registrars as procedures surrounding .EU trades and transfers, which have often been viewed as too complex by registrars. In February, EURid shared the consolidated proposal for the streamlined .EU trade and transfer process with the registrar community and the updated procedure is expected to be introduced later in 2012.

The full report for Q1 2012 is available for download at link.eurid.eu/reports.

To register your .EU domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

Individuals Able To Register .CN Domains

CNNIC logoChina began accepting applications from individuals for .cn and .中国”, the Chinese internationalised domain name, on Tuesday the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) said.

Any individual or organisation that can carry independent civil liabilities has the right to apply for the domain registration under the implementing rules,” said CNNIC.

CNNIC, the registry for .CN, stopped individuals applying for .CN domain names in December 2009 due to what they said was because a large number of domains were being used to distribute illegal material such as pornography and gambling sites. To combat this, the Ministry of Public Security launched a series of public campaigns targeting cybercrimes.

The new act will help the development of individual micro-application platforms and e-commerce as well. Individual online shops can possess their own .cn domains which will help their brand operation, Qi Lin, vice-director of CNNIC, told Xinhua News.

“Individuals will become the major drive for the development of websites in China,” said Qi. “Reopening the domain name registration right to individuals is expected to boost the openness and uniqueness of the Internet.”

There were around 2.3 million .CN domain names at the end of 2011, up 20 per cent year-on-year, according to CNNIC’s most recent statistics. The ccTLD is also the seventh largest in the world, behind .DE (Germany) with 15.1 million registrations, the world’s largest, .UK (United Kingdom – 10.1m), .TK (Tokelau), .NL (Netherlands – 4.95m), .RU (Russia – 3.85m), and .EU (European Union – 3.6m).

Europe Registry logoTo register your domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

Nominet Commences .UK is ‘A Great Place To Be’ Campaign

Nominet logoFollowing on from the recent achievement of reaching 10 million .UK domain name registrations milestone, Nominet has launched a new brand campaign for .UK.

The campaign is entitled ‘A Great Place To Be’ and emphasises the benefits having a .UK domain name can have for business, charity or personally in establishing a UK-centric, trusted internet presence.

Against a backdrop of strong growth in the internet economy in the UK, the campaign is focused on delivering a compelling .UK brand story for businesses and consumers, and will build on the solid foundations of trust, status and reliability.

Nominet has also established a dedicated campaign website at agreatplacetobe.co.uk and a toolkit of brand assets and promotional materials is being made available to registrars shortly.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .UK domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

UK High Court Rules Nominet Dispute Resolution Is Final

The UK High Court has ruled registrants of .UK domain names are not entitled to a fresh court hearing “to assess whether they have abusively registered those domains if the issue has already been determined through an industry dispute resolution service,” reports Out-Law.com.

According to the ruling by Mr Justice Mann, “the wording of the dispute resolution service policy and procedural rules meant that decisions reached through Nominet’s system could not be re-tried in court.”

“The DRS (dispute resolution service) and Procedure put in place a regime in which the question of abusive registration is one for, and only for, the Expert appointed under the DRS,” Mr Justice Mann said in his ruling.

The judge overturned a decision by the Patents County Court which had ruled that Nominet rules did allow courts to hear issues determined through Nominet’s system afresh, the report continued.

To read the Out-Law.com report in full, click here.

To register a .UK domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

Nominet Celebrates 10 Millionth .UK Registration

The .UK registry, Nominet, announced they have passed the 10 million active domain names milestone this week with Steven John Northam, founder of SN Technologies Ltd, a Hampshire-based investment firm, registering the ten millionth domain – swarvemagazine.co.uk.”.UK is a prestigious address that people admire, respect and trust all over the world, and individuals and organisations of all shapes and sizes have recognised this,” said Lesley Cowley OBE, CEO of Nominet. “The cumulative impact of the domains in the registry on the broader economy is huge, acting as the hub for most e-commerce activity in the UK. .UK is a great place to be and the registration of the 10 millionth domain is a fantastic achievement.”The .UK country code Top Level Domain is the second-largest, following .DE who is rapidly approaching the 15 millionth registration, a milestone that is likely to be reached this year. And .UK is the fourth largest TLD, following .COM, who recently passed the 100 million registrations milestone, .DE and .NET, with around 14.5 million registrations.Following .UK in total numbers of active registrations is .ORG (9.9 million registrations), .INFO (8m), .TK, .NL (4.9m), .RU (Russian Federation – 3.7m) and .EU (European Union – 3.6m).Nominet is marking this occasion by announcing a major investment in the .UK brand – a particularly important step given the backdrop of a changing landscape of domain names. This work is focused on growing the market and driving growth in .uk by delivering and building a compelling .UK brand story for businesses and consumers. A marketing campaign, set to roll out from May this year, will build on the solid foundations of trust, status and reliability that registrants associate with .UK domains.

Nominet Seeks Views On Draft Members’ Code

Nominet logoAs with any successful membership organisation, Nominet views it as important to review how they operate to ensure they are well equipped to deal with future challenges.

As part of this process, Nominet is seeking views from members on the possible introduction of a Members’ Code that will clarify the process in the unlikely event that a member’s conduct brings the organisation and its members into disrepute.

Nominet says such issues with their membership are extremely rare but the introduction of a Members’ Code should offer reassuring clarity for all members. Nominet also views this as important to help it maintain the trust and respect Nominet and the domain name industry has earned with its stakeholders.

Chair of the Nominet Board, Baroness Rennie Fritchie DBE, explains more about the consultation in this video.

A draft version of the code, and the accompanying amendment to the voting rights by-law, have now been published for comment on the Nominet website.

Members are invited to submit their views or suggestions to code@nominet.org.uk by Thursday 23rd February.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .UK domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

Nominet Announces Single & Multi-Year Registration Details

Nominet logoNominet has announced the rules and prices they charge to registrars for multi-year registrations, with the options for registrations from one to ten years, when the new rules come into place on 1 May 2012.

Nominet has also announced five new members for their Dispute Resolution Service. They are Tim Brown, Gill Grassie, Ravi Mohindra, Richard Stephens and Clive Trotman who will become independent experts.

Under the new multi-year registration options, single year registrations will be more expensive, with the prices charged to registrars being £3.50, while registrations for two or more years costing £2.50 (VAT) per year. The default registration period will be for two years.

However the new rules will only be available for registrations through registrars that are Nominet members. Non-members will only be able to register and renew domains for the default 2-year period.

Leading up to the implementation of multi-year registrations, Nominet will provide technical specifications on 31 January and make the testbed available on 2 April.

For more information, see www.nominet.org.uk/registrars/systems/Plannedchanges/developmentroadmap/multiyear/

Europe Registry logoTo register your .UK domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

Nominet To Create judiciary.uk

The Nominet Board has approved a request from the Judicial Office and the Cabinet Office to allow the judiciary its own closed second level domain (SLD), judiciary.uk.

Currently, the judiciary are provided for under the Government’s second level domain, .gov.uk. Creating judiciary.uk will ensure that the domain name reflects the judiciary’s independence from government, as enshrined in the Constitutional Reform Act, 2005.

Nominet is proposing to re-label the relevant parts of the existing .gov.uk SLD to the new .judiciary.uk. As a closed domain, this SLD would operate under the same restrictions as .gov.uk.  Due to the unique nature of the request, the usual SLD policy was not considered appropriate in this instance.

Nominet is encouraging feedback from stakeholders on this issue. Any objections should be submitted to sld@nominet.org.uk within the next 30 days.

Nominet is also asking stakeholders for their opinion on the desirability of a review of Nominet’s SLD policy.  More information is available here and submit your views to policy@nominet.org.uk. Responses to this will feed into Nominet’s .uk policy process.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .UK domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

Nominet Works With UK Police To Take Down Illicit Websites

Nominet has been working with the Metropolitan Police’s Central e-Crime Unit to target websites selling counterfeit goods to unsuspecting consumers in the busy Christmas shopping period.

Following notification from the Police, Nominet worked with the relevant .UK registrars to suspend .UK domain names that were in breach of their terms and conditions. Registrants for the domain names involved were notified in advance of the suspension.

“.UK deserves its reputation as a trusted online space for British consumers, and we are committed to tackling cybercrime to keep it that way. The .UK domain name industry has come together to protect consumers and maintain their trust in the .UK internet space.” said Lesley Cowley, Nominet CEO.

A Nominet issue group is currently reviewing Nominet’s policy on dealing with .UK domain names used in connection with criminal activity.

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