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Triple Treat: 3 6-Figure Domain Sales Top Weekly Chart

Domain Name Journal logoIt’s the seventh week in a row for a 6-figure domain name sale, and in the second week of 2018 there were 3 of them topping the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales.

The top 3 for the week were supernatural.com, which sold for $215,888 through Above.com Brokerage, second was cryptoworld.com, which sold for $195,000 through DomainMarket and Sedo and then music.ai, which sold for $101,500 through Undeveloped.

Undeveloped had 11 sales on the chart, which released a bulk lot of unreported sales while Sedo had a hand in 5. On the top level domain side of things, there were 13 .com sales, 2 for .eu and one each for .ai, .co, .in, .net and .nl.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 14 January in more detail, go to:

2016 Ends And 2017 Begins With Pairs Of Six Figure Sales

Domain Name Journal logoThe first Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for 2017 was much the same as the final one for 2016 – a pair of six-figure domain name sales topped both charts, with both charts being for a fortnight.

The top two sales in the first chart of 2017 saw framer.com and emeralds.com top the chart for the period 2 to 15 January, selling for selling for $250,000 and $125,000 through Undeveloped and GetYourDomain respectively. Coming in third with much daylight in between was gud.com which sold for $32,000 through Tuoky.

On the TLD side of things, there were 11 .com sales, two for .it and one each for .nl, .es, .cl, .de, .tv, .creditcard and .fr

Like .com, Sedo was responsible for 11 sales, 3 for Nidoma and two for Undeveloped.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart for the fortnight ending 15 January in more detail, go to:

HG.COM Sold In Monster $3.8 Million Chinese Sale To Top YTD Chart

Domain Name Journal logoThe domain name hg.com sold for a whopping CNY¥26,000,000 ($3,770,000) to not only top the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 27 November, but also to easily become the year’s biggest sale to date.

On year to date sales, the next biggest sale is vivo.com, unearthed and added to the chart in early November, selling for $2.1 million while xxxvideos.com, also a November sale, coming in second selling for $1.368 million. All three were sold in private sales. In all there are five reported million dollar plus sales so far this year – the other two are jade.com ($1.250m) and la.com ($1.200m).

Back to the week ending 23 November, the sale of hg.com dwarfed all other sales and made them look inconsequential. But the previous owners of auto.loan should have been more than happy with the sale of their domain for $45,000 and likewise sanwa.com, which sold for $31,500, with the domains being sold through Undeveloped and Sedo respectively.

On the TLD side of things there were 12 .com sales and six .at sales as a result of the short .at auction in the top 22 (a three-way tie for 20th place) as well as one each for .loan, .be, .review and .us. On the aftermarket side of things there were 14 sales through Sedo and four through Undeveloped.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 27 November in more detail, go to:

Getting Closer To A Summer Six-Figure Sale

Domain Name Journal logoIt didn’t get there, but it was much closer than last week to having a six-figure domain name sale to top the weekly Domain Name Journal sales chart. The top selling domain for the week ending 4 September was cock.com, selling for $93,000 while xiaolong.com came in second selling for $42,000, both through NameJet.

And third was telefoon.nl (Dutch for “telephone”), selling for €30,500 ($34,160) through Undeveloped.

It was a big week for NameJet who reported all their August sales during the reporting week taking out 12 of the top 20 sales while Undeveloped, Golem.eu and Sedo had two each.

On the TLD side of things there were 15 .com sales, two .nl and .eu sales and one for .org.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 4 September in more detail, go to:

Another Quiet Week On Domain Sales Chart Sees .NL Take Top Spot

Domain Name Journal logoIt was another week where there were no domain name sales topping the six-figure mark but Telefoonhoesjes.nl (phone cases) managed to eek out a very nice sale, selling for €55,500 ($61,605) through Undeveloped.nl to be the top reported sale for the week ending 26 June.

Second and third were serres.com and cars.pt, selling for $30,000 and €20,000 ($22,200) respectively and both through Sedo.

Sedo had a good week on the Domain Name Journal chart, accounting for 14 of the top 20 sales while SnapNames had two.

On the TLD side of things, there were 11 .com domains, three .net and one each for .nl, .pt, .tv, .io, .ar and .de.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 26 June in more detail, go to:

Undeveloped Extends its May auction and announces landmark new gTLD auction

Domaining Europe May 2016[news release] Undeveloped announced today that their auction that will be simultaneously held at the Domaining Europe conference is to be extended by 2 weeks. The auction organizer decided to extend the auction to the 14th of June due to a high amount of quality submissions and interest in the auction.

New confirmed domains include names like Estate.com, Textile.com & Multivitamins.com. You can review more confirmed domains here: https://undeveloped.com/auction

Additionally, Undeveloped also announced it second auction today. The 20th of June, on the day when ICANN approved the creation of new extensions, Undeveloped will host a premium new gTLD auction with the goal to get all new extensions to participate in this landmark moment. Numerous big operators like Minds + Machines and Startingdot have already confirmed auctioning rare gems like At.Work and Cheap.ski

Finally, what makes Undeveloped’s auctions unique is that for the first time Undeveloped introduces new mechanisms for domain auctions that give a broader audience the ability to participate in domain auctions. For example, by introducing interest free financing to buyers, more end-users will be able to get their hands on that category killer name in their industry without having to disrupt their cash flow too much.

The domain marketplace is still accepting submissions for its May auction. Submissions can be directly sent to auction@undeveloped.com

Domaining Europe Update: Undeveloped To Host Unique Domain Auction

Domaining Europe May 2016Domain name marketplace Undeveloped has announced it will host a unique domain name auction in cooperation with Domaining Europe, which runs from 24 to 31 May.

“We’re auctioning 150 domains including the 5 most premium domains in the following extensions .com, .de, .uk, .nl, .es and the .it extension that were never before offered to the public. We’re really looking to auction of the crème de la crème domains out there.“ said Reza Sardeha, Undeveloped’s founder and CEO.

Chinese end-users and domain investors will be very happy to learn that the domains 43.com & 866.com will be exclusively available at the auction. For the Dutch market Hotel.nl and Geschenken.nl (Gifts) will give end-users a unique opportunity to own these premium domains and develop them.

“We’re very excited to partner up with Undeveloped to host the biggest European domain auction at the biggest European domain conference. At the official end of the conference we’ll open up the venue for end-users to drop by and bid live on domains. We’re expecting a great outcome from both local and international buyers.“ said Dietmar Stefitz the founder of Domaining.es.

In the next three weeks Undeveloped will accept new submissions for the auction. Anyone can submit their premium domains to Undeveloped.com/auction