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Nominet Update on Using Domain Names For Criminal Activities

Nominet logoNominet has advised that the issue group on ‘Dealing with domain names used in connection with criminal activity’ has been set up. It brings together expertise and experience from within and outside the domain name industry. A list of people who will form the core of this issue group has been established, chaired by Professor Ian Walden. The group’s first meeting will take place on 4 April 2011.

As part of this process, Nominet has also published a background report on this issue which has been prepared by Micheal O’Floinn, an independent PhD researcher at Queen Mary College, University of London. The report is intended to help those interested in the issue and help shape discussion at the issue group where appropriate.

Stakeholders can submit feedback on the report up until 31 March 2011 by emailing policy@nominet.org.uk.

The process is designed to allow stakeholders to continue to give us regular input as the issue group discussion progresses. If you would like a specific update at any time, please email the policy team – policy@nominet.org.uk.

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Nominet Releases .UK Short Domains Release Update

Nominet logoChange of status for the domain name 3.org.uk

The domain name 3.org.uk was registered at the end of the Registered Rights Sunrise phase. Following registration, an objection was raised concerning the IP rights provided by the applicant for that domain. This objection has been upheld by CMS, our IP validation rights agency and the domain name has now been made available for registration during the Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase.
As this domain originally appeared to be unavailable at the start of the current Sunrise phase, we want to ensure that all interested parties are aware that it is now available.

Auction date for Registered Rights Sunrise phase

The auctions for contested domains from the Registered Rights Sunrise phase will take place on 15 March 2011. NFPA, our auction partners for this phase, will be contacting all parties involved with the details of the auction process.

Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase – key dates

A reminder that the deadline for submitting applications to Nominet via a registrar for domain names in the current Sunrise phase is midday (12.00 GMT) on 16 March 2011, and the deadline for submitting the application to the IP rights validation agency is midday (12.00 BST) on 31 March 2011.

For more information, including an updated list of available domain names, please see www.nominet.org.uk/go/shortdomains.

This Nominet announcement was sourced from:

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.UK Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase started 14 February

Nominet logoThe Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase for short .UK domains started at midday (12.00 GMT) on 14 February 2011 the registry announced. The first step of this two-stage process is for applicants to submit an application for the domain name they would like to register to Nominet via a registrar such as Europe Registry. This application stage closes at midday (12.00 GMT) on 16 March 2011.

The second stage is for applicants to use the application reference number they receive from Nominet to submit the evidence of their unregistered rights to the IP rights validation agency, CMS Cameron McKenna. This validation stage closes at midday (12.00 BST) on 31 March 2011.

Nominet advises that potential applicants should read the instructions carefully on how to apply during this phase, what qualifies as unregistered rights, and what evidence is needed need to submit to the validation agency before submitting an application.

At the end of the application period, uncontested domain names will be registered to the applicants, with an auction process used to resolve any contested applications.

For more information, including a list of available domains please see www.nominet.org.uk/go/shortdomains.

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.uk short domains – end of Registered Rights Sunrise phase

Nominet logo[news release] The deadline for submitting IP rights validation for the Registered Rights Sunrise phase for the release of short .uk domains closed on 31 January. Our rights validation agency are now completing work on the most recent applications.
On Monday 7 February we will issue an update on Registered Rights Sunrise applications and announce details for the Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase.

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Nominet CEO Awarded OBE in Queen’s New Year’s Honours List

Nominet logoNominet, the .UK registry, announced their CEO was awarded an OBE for services to the internet and e-commerce in the 2011 Queen’s New Year’s Honours List.

The honours list recognises outstanding achievement and service across the whole of the United Kingdom and is published twice a year, at new year and in mid-June on the date of the Queen’s birthday.

Baroness Rennie Fritchie DBE, Chair of Nominet, expressed her support of Cowley’s award, saying “Lesley has worked with vision and commitment to ensure that the UK has one of the largest and most successful Internet infrastructures in the world. But she has also gone well beyond the call of duty to ensure that the UK is actively influencing international policy to make sure the Internet is a safe and trusted place. All involved with Nominet congratulate her on this deserved award.”

Cowley was equally pleased saying the award marked a “wonderful start” to 2011.

“2010 was a major year for us in many ways and this is a wonderful start to 2011. I was surprised and delighted to receive this great honour. This award is recognition of the hard work and commitment of all of the Nominet staff, and everyone involved with Nominet, to make using the internet a trusted and positive experience for all.”

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British Police With Nominet Help Shuts 1,800 Websites

British police with the cooperation of Nominet, the registry for .UK domain names, have shut down 1,800 websites selling counterfeit or non-existent goods, BBC News reports.According to the report, “the websites were offering items including Premier League tickets, Ugg boots, Tiffany jewellery and Timberland clothing.””Shoppers who paid for the goods either received faked items or nothing at all.”The websites were often run by organised crime with the Metropolitan Police saying there had been an upsurge in websites selling counterfeit goods over the Christmas period.Det Insp Paul Hoare said: “The removal of these websites will have prevented numerous victims from falling foul to this type of offence.”As a general rule, if something looks like it is too good to be true, it probably is.”

9 Million .UK Domain Names Registered

There are now nine million active .UK domain names registered, the registry, Nominet, announced Monday, confirming its position as the world’s second largest ccTLD and fourth largest TLD overall.For those interested in the trivia of what domain name pushed .UK across the mark, it was active2011.co.uk, registered by the Nirvana Spa and Pulse 8 Health & Fitness Club based in Wokingham.

  1. 2010 has seen especially strong growth for .UK, with a net increase of one million domains registered in the last year, an annual growth rate of over eleven per cent.
  2. “We have seen 11.5% annual growth in .uk in 2010, which is very encouraging in the context of the global economic climate,” wrote Lesley Cowley, Nominet’s Chief Executive on the Nominet INsight blog. “We anticipate closing the year with a total of 2 million new domain name registrations within the past twelve months for the first time in our history. Indeed, March 2010 saw us hit 200,000 new registrations for the first time in 10 years.”
  3. There are around 80 million active country code Top Level Domain (ccTLDs) names registered according to the latest VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief, meaning .UK accounts for around one in nine ccTLD registrations. .UK is the world’s second largest ccTLD behind Germany.
  4. The top TLDs by active registrations are:
  5. .COM: approximately 90 million (as of end September)
  6. .DE: 14,064,261 (as of 20 December)
  7. .NET: approximately 13 million (end September)
  8. .UK: 9 million (20 December)
  9. .ORG: approximately 8.5 million (June 2010)
  10. .INFO: over 6.5 million (September 2010)
  11. .CN: 6,047,926 (30 September)
  12. .NL: 4,201,120 (20 December)
  13. .EU: 3,351,014 (20 December)
  14. .RU: 3,126,875 (plus 334,162 .РФ domain names – 20 December).

.COM and .NET statistics are from the latest VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief.

Nominet Commences .UK Sunrise for Short Domains

Nominet logoNominet commenced a Sunrise period for short .UK domain names at midday (GMT) on 1 December with a Registered Rights Sunrise phase for trade mark holders.

The Sunrise phase consists of a two-stage application process where:

  • stage one: allows for trademark rights holders to apply for a domain that matches their trade mark via a Nominet registrar before midday on 17 January 2011
  • stage two: applicants will then need to have their IP rights checked by CMS Cameron McKenna, the validation agent Nominet will be using for this process. Applicants will need evidence of using the trade mark in the UK prior to 1 January 2008. The deadline for applying to CMS Cameron McKenna to have IP rights validated is midday (GMT) on 31 January 2011.

Where there are two or more applications for the same domain, an open auction process will be used with any profits going to the Nominet Trust.

To check the status of any application under this process, there is a Sunrise WHOIS tool.

Once the Registered Rights Sunrise phase is complete Nominet will begin an Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase. Any potential applicants not eligible for any of the above phases can apply during the final Landrush phase. No dates have been given for either of these phases and they will be announced when each of these phases open and Nominet will publish information on how to apply in 2011.

For more information visit www.nominet.org.uk/go/shortdomains.

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I Hate Ryanair UK Domain Transferred Because It Earned Money

The budget airline Ryanair is loved by some, loathed by others. But it survives as it is cheap, if you do not add in the extras! One of those who loathed it was Robert Tyler, from Walthamstow, north-east London, who set up a website using the domain name ihateryanair.co.uk for travellers to tell their tales of woe.However Ryanair objected to the many horror stories being told and complained to Nominet, the registry for .UK domain names, in April. Nominet in a 22 page decision has now directed the domain name be transferred to Ryanair, the complainant.But the panellist said “this case quite literally turned on the Respondent’s receipt of £322 and whether or not it was unfair.” The said £322 was received from links and advertising to sites, some of which were to competitors, some of which was critical of Ryanair and commercial links to third party sites offering travel insurance and foreign currency.The panellist hearing the case also noted that it “also raises a point of general principle in terms of whether or not it is permissible to register a non confusing domain name which contains a company’s brand and then point it to a criticism website with commercial links. The wording of the Policy leaves some room for doubt in this regard.”The panellist also says “it is therefore with some regret that the Expert orders the transfer of the Domain Name in this case. It should be noted that this decision relates solely to the Domain Name itself and the Respondent’s previous use of it and has no bearing on the existence of the website to which the Domain Name is pointing.”However the registrant has now had the next laugh and has the website up and running again, this time using ihateryanair.org.