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GoDaddy and Tuvalu Rebrand .TV as Pacific Nation Enters the Metaverse Due to Climate Change Threat

Tuvalu and GoDaddy Registry have relaunched a rebranded .TV 7.5 months after signing a contract that saw GoDaddy become the ccTLD’s new registry operator. Today .TV is billed “as the online home for content creators the world over” with the strapline “Turn on .TV”.

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Domaining Europe Conference to Feature Whiskey.com In Undeveloped Auction

The upcoming Domaining Europe conference is set to see some big domain names up for auction, including whiskey.com and gastronomy.com.

The whiskey.com domain name is set to go for a big seven-figure sum given the sale of whisky.com in 2014 for $3.1 million. Whiskey and whisky are the same thing, with the former common in Ireland the United States while the latter is used in all other whiskey producing countries.

In addition to the above 2 domains, sevilla.com, harddrives.com, zut.com and the recently released 5.at, which sold for €9,200 when it was auctioned for the very first time when nic.at sold over 350 short domains through auction, domains that were released for the very first time.

As well as the auction, there are speeches from Verisign, Rolf Larsen on “What Can a Registry Do for Domain Investors?”, a Healthy Domain Report panel moderated by eco’s Lars Steffen, a panel looking at top level domains, how to make money from keyword domains, internet governance, a presentation on the success of .club, how brands are using their TLDs and a Verisign insight on their .cc and .tv, among quite a few others.

Tickets are still available for the Domaining Europe 2017 conference, which will be held in Berlin from 14 to 17 May. The conference is aimed at domain industry professionals, investors and anyone interested in the industry. Currently conference tickets are available for €395 plus VAT (including catering) or VIP tickets that additionally include side events and a sightseeing boat trip, with €100 going to the Charity for Hope Children Centre, are available for €650 (plus VAT).

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.TV Value Grows With Changing Nature Of Media Consumption

The Tuvaluan ccTLD .TV has had its ups and downs since it was rebranded as a TLD aimed at the television industry. But it appears to be growing according to a report in The New York Times.”Today, as video is watched on smartphones and laptops rather than on living room couches, the .tv suffix — owned, improbably, by the tiny South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu — has become for some companies a chance to signal that they are showing video the way people are increasingly used to seeing it. Last month, 190 million Americans watched online video content, according to comScore.””A .tv web address has become ‘important from a branding point of view,’ said Tony Lorenz, the chief executive of BOB.tv, a company that streams videos related to best business practices.”The background to .tv is explained. It was assigned as Tuvalu’s ccTLD in the 1990s. “At the height of the Internet gold rush, in 1999, a start-up named DotTV paid Tuvalu $50 million over 12 years for the right to sell .tv to other companies. The .tv suffix represented two of the most recognizable letters in the world, and DotTV’s founders believed .tv could be bigger than .com because TV viewing would soon migrate to the web.”The report goes on to note “China.tv was sold for $100,000 a year to an Internet service provider in China, according to Lou Kerner, a venture capitalist who, in 2000, left his job at Goldman Sachs to become chief executive of DotTV.””DotTV was onto something, though the idea was a bit premature, as a lack of broadband limited the growth and quality of online video.”In 2002, Verisign, a large manager of web addresses, acquired the company and still operates the .tv domain today. It agreed in 2011 to manage the .tv address through 2021, and the payments to Tuvalu’s government are said to be a couple million dollars a year.”To read the New York Times report in full, go to:

Tuvalu Unhappy With Returns on .TV from VeriSign

The government of Tuvalu has voiced its displeasure at the return it has received from handing over the operation of the .TV ccTLD to VeriSign.

Tuvalu received about US$2 million a year from VeriSign for use of the ccTLD, however the country’s finance minister believes this is a poor return.

“We are negotiating but we are tied because of the agreement that was signed before us. We cannot negotiate for an increase until 2016,” Tuvalu’s Finance Minister, Lotoala Metia, told Radio New Zealand International.

“Counter offers have been made but they are not acceptable to the government of the day. So we have to stick to our guns now. They’re giving us peanuts.”

Going by reports from Radio New Zealand International and Radio Australia, the Tuvaluan government will be fielding other options for the operation of the .TV ccTLD when the current contract with VeriSign expires in 2016.