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ICANN Formally Announces Opening Of Istanbul Hub

ICANN has formally announced they will be opening a hub office in Turkey’s largest city Istanbul their President and Chief Executive Officer Fadi Chehadé announced today.ICANN originally announced their intentions to open the Turkish office in February. With the formal announcement ICANN said this marks a significant moment in the evolution of ICANN as it prepares to spread its operational functions across three global headquarters – Los Angeles (current location), Istanbul and Singapore.”ICANN is becoming increasingly international in terms of our outlook, policies and the makeup of our staff. Now our global hub strategy will take our internationalism to an improved operational level,” said Chehadé. “These hub offices will become part of the core fabric of ICANN.”The Istanbul hub office will be led by David Olive, ICANN’s Vice President for Policy Development. A number of current ICANN staff will relocate to Istanbul over the coming months and local staff also will be hired.”We looked closely at a number of possible global locations,” said Fadi Chehadé. “We chose Istanbul because of the quality of its infrastructure, growing ICT sector, business-friendly environment and its close cultural and geographic proximity to Europe, the Middle-East and Africa.””ICANN provides efficient and considered management of the Internet’s Domain Name System, and today marks the latest step in the organization’s journey of extending its global influence,” said Binali Yıldırım, Turkey’s Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs, and Communications. “The ICANN European HUB is being established in Istanbul to act as an epicenter that will help shape Internet policy to deliver a more connected community across Europe, Middle East and Africa.”

ICANN Expanding Its Presence In Asia, Turkey; CEO Pledges Singapore Move

After axing its Australian office under new CEO and chair Fadi Chehadé in the leadup to christmas, ICANN is set to open two new offices in Singapore and Istanbul to serve the Asia-Pacific, and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets, according to a ZDNet report.”Asia has not been well-embraced by ICANN in the past. We owe Asia a big apology,” Chehadé told ZDNet prior to his visit to Singapore, part of a visit to to China, South Korea and Japan which aims to share how ICANN planned to grow its Asian presence.While there are still some formalities to be finalised, Chehadé told ZDNet Singapore was chosen as its top choice after a review of the country’s legal, business and cultural environments.Adding Singapore and Istanbul are part of ICANN’s “plans to reshape the organisation to be more global and inclusive. Ahead of ICANN’s 46th annual meeting to be held in Beijing, China, in April, Chehade hopes the details will be ironed out and the hubs up and running no later than July 2013.””This is not an office, this will be an actual hub and part of the core fabric of how we run ICANN,” Chehadé elaborated, adding the hubs would handle the same operations as that of its current Los Angeles, U.S., headquarters. “In Singapore we may be supporting Asia, but at different times of the day we may be supporting Europe.”Chehadé also told ZDNet there would be offices or satellite-engagement areas built around the hub–for the region, this would include Beijing and Tokyo. These offices would help facilitate engagement activities with stakeholders, development, training, and collecting feedback from the community.According to the report, Chehadé has pledged to move to Singapore once the hub is up and will ask some fellow senior executives to follow suit.The full ZDNet report is available at www.zdnet.com/sg/icann-ceo-we-owe-asia-a-big-apology-7000011762/

Turkey Bans 138 English and Turkish Words From Domain Names

Turkey’s Telecommunications Directorate has banned the use of 138 words in domain names and now tens of thousands of Turkish websites face closure, reports Hürriyet, Turkey’s English language daily newspaper.The list was sent to “web-hosting firms on Thursday” and existing domain names using the words will be deleted.The report gives some examples of domain names that could be deleted including “‘donanimalemi.com’ (hardwareworld.com) because the domain name has ‘animal’ in it, a banned word and likewise “sanaldestekunitesi.com,” (virtualsupportunit.com) would not be able to operate under its current name because it has ‘anal’ in it; also among the 138 banned words. Websites cannot have the number 31 in their domain names either because it is slang for male masturbation.”Other English words included on the list are “beat,” “escort,” “homemade,” “hot,” “nubile,” “free” and “teen.” The report also lists some English words that have different meanings in English and Turkish such as “pic,” short for picture, but is banned because it means “bastard” in Turkish. The past tense of the verb “get” is also banned because “got” means “butt” in Turkish. Haydar, a very common Alevi name for men, is also banned because it means penis in slang.”Gay” and its Turkish pronunciation “gey,” “çıplak” (naked), “itiraf” (confession), “liseli” (high school student), “nefes” (breath) and “yasak” (forbidden) are some of the other banned words.To read this full report in Hürriyet, go to: