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Improved Security for .CH Domains

SWITCH logoSwiss websites are now more secure following moves by the registry, SWITCH, to introduce new and improved security measures from 25 November to help prevent the spread of malicious software on websites using .CH domain names.

Websites using .CH domain names are among the most secure in the world going by the recent Mapping the Mal Web: The world’s riskiest domains report from McAfee. Despite this, an increasing number of .CH and .LI websites are spreading malicious software, so-called malware. SWITCH views this is a growing problem.

“Each week we receive more than a hundred notifications of websites infecting other computers with malware”, says Dr. Serge Droz, Head of the Security Division at SWITCH.

On 25 November SWITCH’s Security Division introduced new procedures to combat malware. These new procedures involve checking notifications SWITCH receives about websites spreading malware. If the registry finds malicious websites, they will contact the domain holder and the operator (provider) and ask them to resolve the problem. If no action is taken within one working day, SWITCH will block the internet address.

“We will only remove a website from the web in an emergency. The aim is for the malicious site to be cleaned up rapidly”, explains Serge Droz. This consistent approach will make a key contribution to maintaining the high security standard for Swiss internet addresses.

For more information on the SWITCH moves to improve the security of .CH and .LI websites, see switch.ch.

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Domain Pulse 2010 in Switzerland Getting Closer

The Domain Pulse 2010 conference, the premier domain name conference in the German-speaking countries, will be held in Lucerne, Switzerland on 1 and 2 February.The conference will have several presentations on DNSSEC, including one on the introduction of DNSSEC in Switzerland by Marc Furrer, President of the Federal Communications Commission and Urs Eppenberger from SWITCH, the host of this year’s conference as well as another presentation on the results of a DNSSEC pilot project in Switzerland.ICANN staff will be presenting on new registrar accreditation (Steve Gobin) and on Root zone and DNSSEC (Kim Davies).Issues impacting on the domain name use and abuse in the three German-speaking countries (Switzerland, Austria and Germany) are also prominent by staff from each of the registries.There are also presentations on how youth are presenting themselves online, particularly on social networking sites, by Ulla Patricia from the Authenrieth Institut für Medienwissenschaft at the University of Basel.Presentations in German are simultaneously translated into English, and those in English into German.The conference is a great opportunity to meet and network with those involved in the domain name industry in the three countries and even wider afield. Attendees include registry staff, registrars and domainers along with many others interested in the industry or where domain names impact on their work.The conference is free to attend and there is a social event included on the Monday night.For further information including the full programme and how to register, see domainpulse.ch/en/dp_start.

.CH/.LI Warns of Bogus Domain Registration Offers

SWITCH logoThe registry for .CH (Switzerland) and .LI (Lichtenstein), SWITCH, is warning of bogus offers to register domain names at vastly inflated prices.

SWITCH is advising that anyone receiving an offer by phone or email regarding the registration of .CH and .LI domain names should be careful. The scam involves a company being contacted and offered domain names that may be related to their existing domain names.

SWITCH give the example of a customer that has already registered the company.ch domain name. Someone then contacts that customer, misrepresenting the facts and offering to register similar names, such as company-ltd.ch, for them, saying that they must register the name(s) immediately. The customer is put under pressure and has to take a swift decision.

SWITCH regards aggressive methods such as these as unfair advertising. Anyone who feels that they have been a victim of unfair advertising can lodge a complaint with the Swiss advertising standards committee (Lauterkeitskommission) at www.lauterkeit.ch.

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SWITCH, Swiss & Liechtenstein Registry, Warns Against Bogus Offers

SWITCH logoSWITCH, the registry for Swiss and Liechtenstein domain names, is warning against bogus offers for domain names.
SWITCH has advised anyone receiving an offer of a domain name by phone or e-mail should be on their guard. Their customer service has been receiving an increasing number of enquiries from worried customers who have received phone calls or emails with offers to register one or more domain names for them – generally at an inflated price. Continue reading SWITCH, Swiss & Liechtenstein Registry, Warns Against Bogus Offers