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.SKI, .SWISS And .TAIPEI Get Going

SWISS gTLD logoWhether you want to ski, or visit Switzerland or Taipei, there are now top level domains to suit you!

On 7 September, the Sunrise period commenced for the .swiss gTLD. The Sunrise is available exclusively for marks registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse, to public authorities as well as certain rights attached to distinctive signs which are protected in Switzerland (e.g. trademarks, business names, PDO). General Availability will commence on 11 January 2016.

And on 8 September the General Availability Commenced for .ski.

The .ski gTLD was created to provide the snow sports community with a new alternative to the convoluted domain space with the opportunity to register short, relevant and affordable .ski domain names. And I know grass skiing is small by comparison, they seem to have forgotten that this exists as a leisure activity!

A couple of things about .ski. Internationalised characters are available, but currently only German language internationalised domains. And anyone can register a .ski domain but must adhere to the .ski domain name policy to maintain their registration.

Then on 9 September the .taipei gTLD will commence General Availability for any business, organisation or individual anywhere on a first come, first served basis. One unusual but sensible rule for .taipei domains is that each domain must contain “at least one Unicode (Chinese)character”.