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Consultation Over IANA Stewardship To Be Accessible To All

The process of determining how best to transfer stewardship of key internet technical functions from the US Government to the international community began Monday during ICANN’s 49th public meeting in Singapore and be accessible to as many as possible. ICANN President and CEO Fadi Chehadé said information will be available in all six United Nations languages plus Portuguese as well as for people with accessibility issues.This was important, Chehadé said, so as many people as possible from as many parts of the world could participate in the consultation process.Discussions on the transfer of stewardship were driven by the recent announcement from the United States Government.”Everyone is welcome and ICANN is committed to equal participation by all parties interested to give their opinion,” Chehadé said. “We must all be equal partners.” The consultation will be “inclusive and allow full participation.”But the consultation process has not yet been clearly defined with concerns being raised about the clarity of how it will take place. Explaining this, Chehadé noted, a memo will be coming out on 7 April to explain more.”This is indeed momentous,” Chehadé told an international news conference. “The decision by the United States Government validates the idea that people around the world can come together and manage a global resource that is borderless.”But when asked what the timeline was, Chehadé was non-committal, saying that the security, stability and resiliency of the internet were more important. Further, Chehadé reiterated the NTIA’s recent comments that said no transfer would take place unless the IS Government were satisfied there would be no detrimental impacts on the internet. However Chehadé said that September 2015, the end date for the current IANA contract is what the organisation is working towards. But if it is not ready to happen, ICANN will ask for an extension of their contract.Explaining the next steps in the transition process, Chehadé went on to say, “We will now take the global process launched today by the ICANN community to the world. We will have meetings and consultations with the public, communities and with our fellow technical organisations, the IETF, the Regional Internet Registries, and here most importantly in the Asia Pacific region, APNIC, who will be partnering with us in getting the word out to involve everyone into that process.””I would like to congratulate ICANN for successfully setting up two regional hubs last year, one in Istanbul, Turkey, and the other here in Singapore,” said Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, Singapore’s Minister for Communications and Information. “It underscores ICANN’s commitment to serve the global community. and I believe that Asia-Pacific hub in Singapore will be a great vehicle for ICANN to reach out to the region.”Absolutely central to everything that we do and that matters to the world at large is the security, stability and resiliency of the system,” said Board Chair Dr. Stephen D. Crocker. “The discussion that is taking place now has to do with the stewardship, but with the proviso of continued stability and rock-solid operations of the core functions.”

ICANN WEBINAR: Opportunities and Challenges to Keep up with the Internet of the Future – Everything You Need to Know About the ICANN Meeting in Singapore

ICANN Singapore 49 logoPlease join ICANN Vice Presidents Yu-Chuang Kuek and Christopher Mondini for a pre-ICANN 49 webinar for business participants [PDF, 189 KB].

Date: Monday, 10 March 2014

Time: 04:00-05:00 UTC (time converter: goo.gl/hqru17)

This webinar is meant as an introduction to ICANN and the Commercial Stakeholder Group, for people in the business world at large who are new to the ICANN Community and interested in the upcoming ICANN 49 public meeting in Singapore.

Presenters include:

  • Elisa Cooper – Senior Director of Product Marketing, MarkMonitor
  • Peter J. Dernbach – Partner, Winkler Partners
  • Maemura Akinori – General Manager, Internet Development Department, Japan Network Information Center

To RSVP and learn how to access the webinar, please follow this link: goo.gl/eTjiux


ICANN: Pre-Singapore Icann Policy Update Webinar Invitation

ICANN Singapore 49 logoWhether you plan to participate in the upcoming ICANN meeting in Singapore, remotely or in person, you are invited to a quick reminder of the background and current status of each major policy issue currently under discussion in ICANN.

The ICANN Policy Staff will provide a briefing on Thursday 13 March at 12:00 UTC and Thursday 13 March at 19:00 UTC, summarizing policy issues across the different ICANN Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees. Among other topics, updates will be provided on:

  • Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Part C
  • Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues
  • Framework of Interpretation working group
  • ASO activities in Singapore
  • ALAC policy advice statements since Buenos Aires
  • Finalization of GAC advice regarding new gTLDs
  • RSSAC restructure update
  • Recent SSAC advisories

The two sessions are duplicates, scheduled to accommodate different time zones. Each session, scheduled to run for 90 minutes, will be conducted in English only. The meeting will be run in Adobe Connect with a slide presentation along with a dial-in conference bridge for audio.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each session. During the course of the webinar, questions may be submitted using the chat function of Adobe Connect. If you are not able to participate in either of the live sessions, the recording of the session will be made available shortly after the meeting. The policy staff is always available to answer any questions that you email to policy-staff@icann.org.

In order to participate and receive webinar details, please RSVP via email to the GNSO Secretariat (gnso.secretariat@gnso.icann.org). Please indicate which call you would like to join, Thursday at 12.00 UTC or Thursday at 19.00 UTC (to convert those times into your local time, see: www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedform.html). We will send you an e-mail reminder before the event with log-in and dial-in details. Please DO NOT RSVP to any other ICANN staff members e-mail address.

In order to participate and receive webinar details, please RSVP via email to the GNSO Secretariat (gnso.secretariat@gnso.icann.org) to receive the call details.

This ICANN announcement was sourced from:

ICANN 49 Registration Now Open

ICANN 49 Singapore temporary logoRegistration is now open for ICANN‘s 49th Public Meeting to be held in Singapore from 23-27 March 2014. The meeting site will be the Raffles City Convention Centre.

To register, please visit https://registration.icann.org/.

To make a hotel reservation, visit https://resweb.passkey.com/go/venue.

ICANN holds three public meetings each calendar year in different regions of the globe. Usually comprised of more than 200 different sessions, these week-long meetings are the focal point for individuals and representatives of the different ICANN stakeholder groups to introduce and discuss issues related to ICANN policy.

Participants may attend in person or remotely. Meetings are open to everyone and registration is free.

For more information, visit singapore49.icann.org/en/about.

Premium .SG Domains Available

SGNIC logoDuring July SGNIC is releasing a number of premium domain names that eligible registrants can apply for at a base price ranging from S$642 to $21,400 (including GST).

Domains with multiple applications will be allocated to the applicant with the highest bid.

Eligible registrants can apply through SGNIC Accredited Registrars before 31 July.

Details of the launch can be found in the following documents:

ICANN Expanding Its Presence In Asia, Turkey; CEO Pledges Singapore Move

After axing its Australian office under new CEO and chair Fadi Chehadé in the leadup to christmas, ICANN is set to open two new offices in Singapore and Istanbul to serve the Asia-Pacific, and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets, according to a ZDNet report.”Asia has not been well-embraced by ICANN in the past. We owe Asia a big apology,” Chehadé told ZDNet prior to his visit to Singapore, part of a visit to to China, South Korea and Japan which aims to share how ICANN planned to grow its Asian presence.While there are still some formalities to be finalised, Chehadé told ZDNet Singapore was chosen as its top choice after a review of the country’s legal, business and cultural environments.Adding Singapore and Istanbul are part of ICANN’s “plans to reshape the organisation to be more global and inclusive. Ahead of ICANN’s 46th annual meeting to be held in Beijing, China, in April, Chehade hopes the details will be ironed out and the hubs up and running no later than July 2013.””This is not an office, this will be an actual hub and part of the core fabric of how we run ICANN,” Chehadé elaborated, adding the hubs would handle the same operations as that of its current Los Angeles, U.S., headquarters. “In Singapore we may be supporting Asia, but at different times of the day we may be supporting Europe.”Chehadé also told ZDNet there would be offices or satellite-engagement areas built around the hub–for the region, this would include Beijing and Tokyo. These offices would help facilitate engagement activities with stakeholders, development, training, and collecting feedback from the community.According to the report, Chehadé has pledged to move to Singapore once the hub is up and will ask some fellow senior executives to follow suit.The full ZDNet report is available at www.zdnet.com/sg/icann-ceo-we-owe-asia-a-big-apology-7000011762/

CcTLD Updates: .au, .cr, .id, .nl, .ru, .sg

Following the 2010 Names Policy Panel, auDA, the .au policy and regulatory body, has announced they will be implementing some of the Panel’s recommendations.

There are two main policy changes. One relates to domain monetisation in .com.au and .net.au, which sees the policy rules in effect “incorporated into the Domain Name Eligibility and Allocation Policy Rules for Open 2LDs at Schedules C (com.au) and E (net.au).”

The second relates to the little used .id.au 2LD, previously open only to individuals using their actual name or nickname. Now registrants will be able to register a domain name in the 2LD that relates to “a personal interest or hobby of the registrant.”

NIC Costa Rica announced that on 16 October 2012, the registries from Germany (.de), Brazil (.br) and Czech Republic (.cz) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NIC Costa Rica (.cr). In their announcement NIC Costa Rica notes “the agreements allows for mutually beneficial projects such as: promote the exchange of expertise, share best practices related to management, strategy and business models, work together on initiatives that can lead to more efficient processes among other projects.”

The registry for .id domain names (Indonesia) said there is a good chance the ccTLD will become the largest in south east Asia. According to a Tech In Asia report,  Indonesia’s 103,882 .id domains are still outnumbered by Singapore’s .sg and Malaysia’s .my domains, which have 144,591 and 206,663 registered domains respectively.” The ccTLD has seen a 62.5 percent increase in registration in 2012 with the registry, PANDI, forecasting a growth rate of up to 170 percent in 2013 which, if it happens, would mean there would be 300,000 more new .id domain names at the end of 2013.

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and SIDN have jointly written to ICANN on the subject of last resort redelegation. The move is linked to contingency arrangements that the ministry and SIDN made in the 2008 Covenant on Safeguarding the .nl Domain, with a view to ensuring the continuity and stability of the .nl domain under all circumstances. The letter informs ICANN about the Covenant and about the contingency arrangements made at the national level, in case a last resort redelegation should ever be necessary.

On 19 December, 2012, the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ hosted a press conference on the “Russian Domain Space 2012: the bottom line”. The press conference looked at the achievement os 2012 and emerging future trends.

Issues covered were the stability of Russia’s TLDs, .ru and .рф, the growth in registrations of both TLDs to go past a combined total of five million, the safety of the DNS and DNSSEC and Russian applications for new gTLDs.

And the Coordination Center for TLD RU also announced the Russian Domains stats portal now enables to compare the domain zones in a highly visual mode. Compare Data will prove useful for web analysts, media and other Internet community members as well as for the members of the domain industry.

The Singaporean registry, SGNIC, announced that from 2 January 2013, all new businesses and companies registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) via its BizFile system on or after 5 October 2012, will save at least S$30 for the first year of registration for their first .sg domain name (ending with “.com.sg” or “.sg”).

In another SGNIC announcement, from 1 to 31 January 2013, a selected group of Premium Domain Names (“PDNs”) will be released for application at a base price ranging from $642 to $21,400 (including GST). If the name has multiple applications, it will be allocated to the applicant with the highest bid.

ICANN Going To Argentina In November 2013, Then Singapore, London, North America in 2014

ICANN have announced they will be heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 17 to 21 November 2013 for the 48th of their thrice yearly meetings.As per usual there was a call for interested parties to host the meeting. One location application was received, but ICANN deemed this unsuitable as it did not have all of the facilities needed to host an ICANN Meeting.So subsequently ICANN staff undertook a search and settled on Buenos Aires according to the minutes of the Special Meeting of the ICANN Board of 20 December.For 2013, meetings will be held in Beijing, China, from 7 to 11 April and then Durban, South Africa, from 14 to 18 July.Looking at 2014, ICANN has decided to hold its meetings in London, Singapore and a yet to be determined location in North America. Possibly due to the difficulty in finding hosts for the meetings, the board decided on the above locations. But it appears that there might not have been much public consultation for the 2014 meetings, which ICANN is not required to do but has done as part of its community engagement.The lack of likely suitable hosts interested in hosting future meetings, in part due to the costs involved, were reasons ICANN undertook to consolidate the number of locations where meetings would be held in the from 2015 and beyond.Looking at 2015 and beyond, ICANN requested comments on its Consolidated Meetings Strategy proposal earlier in 2012. The Public Participation Committee, under its charter to increase public awareness of, and participation in the affairs of ICANN, will oversee the creation and activities of a Multistakeholder Meeting Strategy Working Group that will examine the design, frequency and regional rotation of future meetings and conferences.

Parody: Singapore Police Arrest Domainer Over .XXX Registration

Update: Oops, but in the haste to bring this story, I didn’t look closely enough, and Domain Gang is a parody site. If it was 1 April I would have been an April Fool!A domainer in Singapore found himself subject to a rough arrest that resulted in him having broken bones and teeth when police forcibly entered his apartment, when all he claims to have been doing was protecting his trademark.According to a Domain Gang report Jiaming Sim applied for the domain name during the .XXX Sunrise period and four hours later police entered his apartment, confiscated his computer equipment and put him under arrest.To read more on this story, see the Domain Gang report at domaingang.com/domain-news/singapore-domainer-gets-jail-for-xxx-domain-registration/