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.SHOP Launch Shows GMO’s $41.5m Investment Should Pay Off Handsomely

The General Availability for the .shop new generic Top Level Domain commenced on 26 September, and already the new gTLD is looking like being a great investment for the Japanese GMO Registry after it paid $41.5 million at auction for the rights to operate it, as well as no doubt a few million more to get it to market. At the time it was the most paid for any new gTLD, however this has been eclipsed by the $135 million paid by Verisign-backed Nu Dot Co for the rights to operate .web.In the first 30 minutes 39,801 .shop domain names were registered and by the two-hour mark GA registrations grew to 45,427. There are now over 54,000 .shop domain names according to nTLDstats.com after more than 1,000 names were registered by trademark holders during Sunrise and around 5,000 during the Early Access Period. Many of those first in the door at .shop chose to pick up premium names and a total of 616 premium names have been registered to date..shop is aimed at online and offline shops. Short, intuitive, memorable and broadly understood, internet users instantly identifies a .shop website as a place to shop. Registration of .shop is open to all and there are many potential uses of the domain as .shop can be for anyone, anywhere with something to sell online or offline. It is a great choice for any kind of online businesses including digital content and ecommerce solutions providers as well as the growing B2B ecommerce market. A .shop domain name can also help offline retailers and service providers to be discoverable online. For corporations, short, memorable .shop domain names are a powerful marketing tool and can be used to distinguish their corporate website from their online shop and provide an enhanced user experience for their customers.”This is a historical day for .shop and we are thrilled with the results but it is just the very beginning” says GMO Registry CEO, Hiro Tsukahara. “Going forward we aim to contribute to the success of both online and offline businesses and to support and encourage innovation and development in ecommerce.”

.SHOP Grosses Over $2 Million From 2,000 Domains With General Availability Commencing 26 September

The .shop new generic Top Level Domain has received over 2,000 registrations and over $2 million in revenue, and General Availability does not even open until next week. The announcement came ten days before the commencement of General Availability on 26 September (at 15:00 UTC).But the Japanese GMO Registry has a long way to go before it recoups its investment. In January this year GMO paid what was then a record $41.5 million for the right to operate the new gTLD beating six other applicants including Google, Amazon and the Chinese e-commerce company Beijing Jingdong. That has now been beaten by the $135 million the Verisign-backed Nu Dot Co paid for .web at auction in late July..shop was first opened exclusively to trademark holders on 30 June for a 60-day Sunrise phase. During Sunrise applications were received from 1,182 trademark holders in more than 30 countries around the world.The .shop Early Access Program, currently in progress, runs from 1 to 26 September and provides first pick from among the vast opportunities for intuitive and memorable domain names for online and offline shops. 741 names have been registered during this Early Access phase and as each phase progresses the registration cost gets cheaper.GMO Registry operates more than 40 new gTLDs including .tokyo and GeoTLDs representing major Japanese cities, while global brands including Canon and Hitachi have chosen GMO Registry as a technology partner to build exclusive branded namespaces under their own gTLD.

GMO Registry Announces French Ecommerce Solution Provider Wizishop Is .SHOP Pioneer

dotSHOP gTLD logoThe French e-commerce solution provider Wizishop has been selected to participate in the .shop Pioneer Programme.

Wizishop is benefiting from an early registration of the domain name WIZI.SHOP ahead of the .shop release as well as extra marketing support on the part of GMO Registry in promoting their business.

Since the launch of ICANN’s new generic Top Level Domain programme in 2012, more than 1,000 new gTLDs have been delegated. The .SHOP TLD, which GMO Registry paid more than $41 million to secure, was first launched with a Sunrise phase for trademark holders starting June 30, 2016. At the same time, the registry launched a “Pioneer Program,” for which it selected the French ecommerce company Wizishop to be .SHOP’s ambassador in France.

On the one hand, the program allows Wizishop to priority register its .SHOP domain and on the other hand provides Wizishop extra marketing support from GMO Regstry and on the other hand it lets GMO Registry associate .SHOP with big players in the ecommerce market.

Says GMO Registry CEO, Hiro Tsukahara, “.SHOP Pioneers will be instrumental in helping us to shape and build the .shop namespace and we couldn’t be more proud to have Wizishop as a partner in the .shop launch.”

Gregory Beyrouti, co-founder of Wizishop expressed the company’s enthusiasm, saying, “We are very honored that our application, submitted by Gandi, has been approved, and that we will become ambassadors of the .SHOP TLD. We already make use of domain names registered in various TLDs, primarily in geographic extensions, to forward to our various ‘product’ sites in French, but also in English, Italian and Spanish. What .SHOP allows us to do is to launch WIZI.SHOP as our flagship site, dedicated to the promotion of the Wizishop brand.”

Sophie Gironi, Head of Communication at Gandi.net,: “Our goal as a registrar is to offer our customers the largest possible catalog of TLDs, not just for the sake of selling every available TLD but more importantly to guarantee that all our customers will find the TLDs that best fit their needs. This is exactly what happened in the case of Wizishop and .shop, and that’s why we supported their application to .SHOP’s pioneer program. We are thrilled to see one of our customers become .SHOP’s ambassador for France”.

With more than 1,200 domain names registrations already, .SHOP is currently one of the TLD with the greatest number of registrations during the Sunrise phase of the release schedule.

.SHOP General Availability opens September 26, 2016. Advance registration available now at many registrars: Please visit get.shop for details.

.SHOP Opens for Advance Registration

dotSHOP gTLD logoThe new generic top level domain, .shop (get.shop), opened for the general public for the first time on 1 September in a special advance registration Early Access Program.

The .shop Early Access Program runs from September 1, to September 26 and provides first pick from among the vast opportunities for intuitive and memorable domain names for online and offline shops.

Earlier this week, the .shop Sunrise, a phase open exclusively to trademark holders, closed with 1,182 applications, making it one of the most successful new top level domain Sunrises to date (source: https://newgtlds.icann.org/en/reviews/cct/rpm). Some of the world’s biggest ecommerce and retail brands were registered during the Sunrise phase, with applications for names including etsy.shop, walmart.shop, gucci.shop, samsung.shop, uber.shop, and facebook.shop.

At the same time, this week GMO Registry is also proud to introduce the first of the .shop pioneers, ecommerce software provider, ePages. .shop pioneers are companies who recognize the value of a .shop domain and will be among the first to setup shop in the .shop namespace. Says GMO Registry CEO, Hiro Tsukahara, “We are proud to have ecommerce industry leaders pioneering the .shop domain space and are excited to work together to define and grow the .shop brand.”

ePages, the international cloud-driven ecommerce software provider is assigning ePages.shop to its blog for retail news, resources and advice. Richard Stevenson, Head of Corporate Communications for ePages, comments, “It is both pleasing and opportune to be a pioneer for the exciting new .shop domain. The wider aspects of online identity that nTLDs can deliver are liberating, and .shop offers all those across the diverse world of ecommerce a boost to visibility, branding and relevance. ePages.shop is the ideal identity for our educative and popular blog for online merchants”.

For details on how to participate in the .shop Early Access Program or to find a .shop accredited registrar please visit get.shop.

GMO Registry Announces Results For First Ever .SHOP Auction

168.com sold for $10,480 (RMB70,000) to top the first ever auction of .shop domain names, GMO Registry announced. The domain has the meaning of being ‘continuously profitable’ in Chinese. All 20 domain names up for auction targeted the Chinese market and either featured numbers that are considered lucky or were Chinese words.Second was 98.shop (‘bar’) which sold for $9,881 (RMB66,000) while third was 55.shop (‘perfect’) selling for $8,866 (RMB59,222). Following was liwi.shop (‘present’ or ‘gift’ – $3,593/RMB24,001) and muying.shop (‘mother and child’ – $3,590/RMB24,000).For the auction the Japanese GMO partnered with the Chinese Alibaba Group, with the latter being the largest retail commerce company in the world.
GMO Registry Alibaba dotSHOP auction results image

.SHOP Starts Life As One Of Biggest Sunrise Launches

dotSHOP gTLD logoThe .shop generic Top Level Domain is off to a cracking start in life. With seven days remaining of its Sunrise period the new gTLD had over 850 application putting it ahead of .london, currently the most successful of the non-porn-related new gTLDs.

Registrants have come from a large number of countries and industries. Applications have come from over 25 countries with European brands accounting for almost two-thirds (64%) of all applications.

Below is a pie chart showing the strongest demand comes from fashion, luxury and sports.

dotSHOP Sunrise Applications

The .shop Sunrise phase ends on 29 August. Priority access to .shop domain name registration will be available from 1 to 26 September and General Availability opens 26 September at UTC 15:00.

The priority access phase is divided into seven stages and is an opportunity for brands that have already secured their trademark.shop during Sunrise to pick-up generic terms relevant to their business.