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Registrars Can Now Apply For Accreditation To Offer .SA Domain Names [updated]

Saudi Arabia is moving from the current allocation of domain names directly from the registry to the more common registry/registrar model.

The change was announced in February when the Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) updated the ‘Saudi Domain Name Registration Regulation’ which is described as one of the most efficient practices in the domain name industry.

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Daily Wrap: EU Says ITU Should Not Have More Power, Kiwi Fight Over TLDs, .SA, .EE, .IE Awards And Aeroflot.xxx Dispute

There may be a case for governments having more say in the way the internet is run, EU digital commissioner Neelie Kroes told ZDNet last week, but — even if this were to happen — it would not necessitate giving the ITU more power.

“Of course there are voices saying it would be better with the UN [but] I’m not in favour of the line that, if you have a problem, you can only solve it in a new structure,” Kroes said, adding that it was first worth examining the calls for more government input.

“I still think that the remarks that are made [about giving governments a greater voice] can be included in a solution within the structure of today,” she said. “I’m not aware that that can’t be done, so I’m not willing to [favour] a new structure.”

The creation of the kiwi.nz second level domain will only cause confusion, the applicant for the .KIWI gTLD has said.

Tim Johnson, chief executive of Dot Kiwi Ltd told the New Zealand Herald approving kiwi.nz was not in the best interests of internet users “or in fact the internet in New Zealand”.

“Why would potential registrants want .kiwi.nz when they could have .KIWI?”

SaudiNIC has started a process of updating Whois details for .SA domain names, sending out requests to registrants to check and if necessary update their registrant details.

ICANN’s board of directors is set to approve مليسيا., the Arabic name for Malaysia, at a meeting next week, Domain Incite reported.

The Estonian Internet Foundation announced the public procurement for an audit of the code of the information systems (Domain Registry Software Security Audit) it uses, the organisation announced last week. The bid submission deadline is 10 September 2012.

Over to Ireland and the Irish Internet Association has announced the shortlist for this year’s Dot ie Net Visionary Awards and online voting is now open.

Aeroflot, the Russian airline, has won a dispute lodged with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center over the aeroflot.xxx domain name, however the original registrant does not agree with the ruling and is threatening to appeal.

Saudi Registry To Open Second Level Registrations

The registry for .SA domains, the Saudi Network Information Center, has unveiled plans to allow for registrations at the second level.

Existing registrants with a third level domain are entitled to submit an application by 6 December 2010 for the corresponding domain name at the second level.

Following this, a Sunrise period will operate from 6 December to 7 March 2011 where SaudiNIC shall accept applications for registration of a second level domain name by existing third level registrants meeting the criteria set forth in this second level domain regulation. Only qualified registrants may submit an application for a .SA second level domain name during the Sunrise Phase.

A Landrush phase will follow where SaudiNIC shall begin accepting applications for registration of .SA second level domain names from members of the general public. The Landrush phase commences on 2 May.

A qualified registrant is an entity or individual who has registered a domain name with SaudiNIC before the Sunrise Phase provided that its registration application date is before the qualification date.

Eligible registrants for .SA domain names must be an entity physically located in Saudi Arabia, a person “not underage” with a Saudi national identification card or equivalent document issued by the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia or a business trading in Saudi Arabia.

All dates used by SaudiNIC are according to the Hijri calendar, which is based on the Umm AlQura calendar. Dates given above are from SaudiNIC and the equivalent dates in the Gregorian calendar, or western calendar, are also given by SaudiNIC.

For more information on registering .SA domain names, check out nic.net.sa.