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Quartet of Six-Figure Domain Name Sales Top Weekly Chart

Domain Name Journal logoA quartet of six-figure domain name sales topped the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 2 April, with a new gTLD domain, video.games, coming top, selling for $183,000 in a premium sale through the registry Rightside.

Second and third were a couple of .com domain names, cryptobank.com and 1515.com, selling for $125,000 through Undeveloped and $121,000 through Sedo, respectively. And fourth in a big sale for the Australian ccTLD .au was fetch.com.au, bought by the Australian online television provider, for A$132,000 ($100,320) through Domain Broker Australia.

There were 12 .com domain name sales for the week, 2 .com.au sales in the top 10, and one each for .games, .net, .cc, .de, .io and .ai. On the aftermarket side of things Sedo had a hand in 12 sales and Domain Broker Australia 2 sales.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 2 April, see:

Rightside Publishes List of 106 of Their Biggest New gTLD Sales

Rightside logoRightside have published a list of every Platinum and Premium domain name sale above $10,000 they’re allowed to publicly reveal, the largest being video.games for $183,000.

Rightside operates 40 new generic top level domains (gTLDs) with 612,000 domains under management, the tenth largest of any new gTLD registry operator, according to nTLDstats.com. The largest of their new gTLDs is .live with 86,400 registrations followed by .rocks (77,900) and .pub (67,00).

Rightside’s Premium/Platinum sales amounted to $3.4 million last year, gaining $800,000 per year each year since they launched their first new gTLDs. The 53 Platinum Domain names in the list (see below) had an average selling price of over $31,000, for a total of $1.7 million cash. The list excludes Day 1 early access period sales and seven-figures worth of Platinum Domains sales they’re not able to publish at this time. Below is just over 60% of their complete $10k+ Platinum sales list, including five of their top ten sales. These domains were sold to over 15 unique end users and investors, across 17 different TLDs.

Domain Name Sale Price
video.games $183,000
sex.live $160,000
porn.live $120,000
homes.forsale $75,000
personalinjury.attorney $60,000
for.sale $50,000
art.market $50,000
job.market $50,000
caraccident.attorney $50,000
auto.market $40,000
accident.lawyer $40,000
global.market $40,000
organic.market $35,000
luxury.market $35,000
app.market $35,000
insurance.market $35,000
i.news $35,000
local.market $35,000
live.live $25,000
finance.market $25,000
medical.market $25,000
stream.live $20,000
church.live $20,000
berlin.immobilien $20,000
solar.engineer $20,000
drug.rehab $20,000
sex.forsale $20,000
sex.social $20,000
hollywood.live $15,000
design.studio $15,000
energy.market $15,000
flower.market $15,000
the.market $15,000
meat.market $15,000
fish.market $15,000
bitcoin.market $15,000
furniture.market $15,000
ferien.haus $15,000
houses.forsale $15,000
wetter.live $15,000
irish.pub $15,000
neworleans.attorney $15,000
edu.video $15,000
hamburg.immobilien $15,000
water.engineer $15,000
accident.attorney $15,000
injury.lawyer $15,000
porn.reviews $15,000
dot.market $10,000
koeln.immobilien $10,000
stuttgart.immobilien $10,000
adult.reviews $10,000
wrongfuldeath.attorney $10,000

Rightside Sticks With Donuts Despite Collaborating With Google On Nomulus

Rightside logoRightside will continue to provide backend registry services for almost 200 new gTLDs that Donuts operates, the companies have announced. The new agreement will be an extension of the current 5 year contract.

The announcement is a slight surprise given that Donuts announced last October they had been working with Google since March 2016 on evaluating and contributing code to Google’s Nomulus domain name registry back-end system.

Donuts currently has 197 new generic Top Level Domains delegated, the largest of any operator, with 1.945 million domain names under management. The largest of these is .email with 63,900 registrations followed by .guru (63,000) and .today (62,400). Rightside themselves operates 40 new gTLDS with 588,000 registrations, the largest of these being .news (78,100), .live (76,300) and .rocks (75,400).

“We have a long history of working closely with Donuts, across multiple initiatives, to help drive the domain name industry forward by bringing exciting new branding options to consumers and businesses,” said Taryn Naidu, chief executive officer, Rightside. “This agreement, an extension of our five-year relationship with Donuts, ensures the continued availability of the technology platform relied on by hundreds of Donuts’ registrar partners and millions of their end-user customers.”

“Rightside’s registry platform has the right combination of innovative features, ease-of-operation, scalability, and highly responsive customer support,” said Donuts’ CEO Bruce Jaffe. “Rightside has been a critically important partner during our gTLD portfolio’s first three years in the market, and we look forward to building on our shared success.”

A registry back-end system performs the critical functions necessary for a domain name registry to fulfill its technical obligations in running a top-level domain (or TLD, the section of the web address to the right of the dot). This includes provisioning and maintenance of domains in the registry database and the domain name system (DNS), supplying Whois services, providing shared access to registration functions for domain name registrars, and numerous features to support the business and operational requirements of registry operators.

MMX Abolishes Premium Renewal Prices For New Premium Domains

mmxco-logoRegistrants of premium domain names for any of the new gTLDs wholly-owned by MMX (formerly Minds + Machines), and whose domains were first registered on or after 6 January 2017, will now pay the standard domain renewal prices the company announced. MMX is the second new gTLD registry to announce such a move that will appeal to, among others, domain investors.

The largest of MMX’s new generic Top Level Domains is .vip, which recently gained approval from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that will allow its domains to be legally sold and hosted within the country. It currently has over 568,000 registrations. The announcement applies to the 25 new gTLDs that MMX wholly owns, the largest being .work (78,000 registrations), .bayern (31,000), .casa (18,000), .miami (11,000), .nrw (11,000) and .beer (11,000), their only gTLDs with more than 10,000 registrations.

“MMX is committed to delivering the most domain-investor-friendly premium name programs in the industry,” said Toby Hall, MMX’s CEO. “We started the process of rebooting our strategy in July last year, when we alerted our many registrar partners that 100% of our premium names sold after January 6th 2017 would have standard, GA renewal prices. As an added incentive to strengthening our existing partnerships and building new ones, we are likewise revisiting the price tiering of all our premium inventory across the portfolio. The upshot of our new Premium Program is that all registrants will ultimately have access to much more affordable purchase opportunities with sharply reduced carrying costs.”

“We were able to successfully pilot the concept of premium inventory renewing at standard prices through the launch of our .VIP extension in May last year,” said Michael Salazar, MMX’s COO & CFO. “The support was exceptional and provided the validation to implement the strategy across our wider portfolio. We look forward to seeing how this Program develops in 2017.”

“The ultimate goal of the Program and the wider initiatives MMX is putting in place is simple: we want to demonstrate we are great partners to have in your corner,” said Solomon Amoako, VP of Channel Management and MMX’s most recent appointment. “If you’re a domain investor, a registrar, an aftermarket platform, a broker, or an affiliate, we’re here to structure deals that can provide excellent profit potential both for yourselves and your end-customers.”

The announcement comes two weeks after Rightside announced it was lowering the cost of domain name renewals across its 40 new gTLDs such as .news (78,000 registrations), .live (78,000) and .rocks (75,000). Rightside’s newly launched Platinum Edge program enables registrars to sell their Platinum domains at a low renewal rate while also providing marketing support and materials to registrar partners.

Platinum domains represent the highest value inventory across Rightside’s 40 new TLDs, as determined by popular search terms and geographical and industry specificity. The Platinum Edge program allows registrars to offer individuals and brands the best possible domain for their needs.

Rightside Kicks Off 2017 with Two High Value Domain Programs at NamesCon

Rightside logo[news release] Making its most valuable Platinum domain inventory easier to sell than ever, domain name registry Rightside Group, Ltd. today launched two new programs that will expand access to high-value premium domains across all 40 top level domains (TLDs) in the Rightside portfolio.

The first program, Platinum Edge, provides Registrars access to Rightside’s premium Platinum domains, offers low renewal cost, and provides a team dedicated to helping participating registrars build highly profitable revenue streams. The second program, the Platinum Brokerage Program, delivers priority access to Rightside’s highest-value domains to domain brokers interested in selling this inventory.

Maximizing Domain Profits and Revenue
Merchandising high-value domains has long been a challenge for the domain industry, and Rightside is committed to making the process of selling and acquiring the highest-value domain names as simple as possible. The newly launched Platinum Edge program enables Registrars to sell Rightside’s Platinum domains at a low renewal rate while also providing marketing support and materials to Registrar partners. Platinum domains represent the highest value inventory across Rightside’s 40 new TLDs, as determined by popular search terms and geographical and industry specificity. The Platinum Edge program allows Registrars to offer individuals and brands the best possible domain for their needs.

The Platinum Brokerage program offers similar benefits to brokers, providing commissioned sales, low cost renewals and eliminating the burden of upfront investments and carrying costs. The Platinum Brokerage program gives access to Rightside’s most valuable domains while also providing resources and tools. Program participants don’t have to buy a Platinum domain in order to sell the domain, and participants that register interest in selling a particular domain receive a level of exclusivity during the process of negotiating a deal. Both programs provide a great opportunity to increase revenue through the sale of Rightside’s Platinum domain inventory.

The programs will be showcased at the 2017 NamesCon domain name industry conference taking place at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, January 22-25. NamesCon has evolved into the premiere conference for an industry that is changing rapidly, expanding its reach to new corners of the globe and redefining the way people think about and utilize domains.

“NamesCon has become one of the best opportunities for brands and individuals invested in the domain industry to share news and ideas,” said Taryn Naidu, CEO of Rightside. “This is an incredibly exciting time for the domain industry and we’re thrilled to announce two amazing new programs at NamesCon to drive the industry to new heights in 2017.”

Finding Rightside at NamesCon
In addition to being a Gold Sponsor and running Booth #35 at NamesCon, the Rightside team is hosting and participating in numerous sessions, including;

  • Sunday, January 22:
    – Increasing the Value of New Domains in the Secondary Market, 2:00-2:45 PM
    – Rightside Opening Reception, 7:00-11:00 PM
  • Monday, January 23:
    – Best Practices: Selling Domains Through Hosting, 11:00-11:45 AM
    – 10 Ways to Creatively Use Domain Names in Your Marketing and Branding Campaigns, 1:00-1:45 PM
    – The State of Premium Domains in 2017, 2:00-2:45 PM
  • Tuesday, January 24:
    – Head to Head: Comparing Domain Registrars, 1:00-1:45 PM
  • Wednesday, January 25:
    – Executive Roundtable: Industry Trends Forecast for 2017, 2:00-2:45 PM
  • As live streaming continues to grow exponentially, and .LIVE remains the TLD of choice among live streamers, Rightside will host live streams of several NamesCon sessions at www.namescon.live.
  • Richard Lau (Founder of NamesCon) will be joining the Connecting the Dots Webcast on January 18th, sign up at ctd.live/register

About Rightside
Rightside® inspires and delivers new possibilities for consumers and businesses to define and present themselves online. The company, with its affiliates, is a leading provider of domain name services, offering one of the industry’s most comprehensive platforms for the discovery, registration, usage, and monetization of domain names. In addition to being a new gTLD registry operator, Rightside is home to some of the most admired brands in the industry, including Enom and Name.com. Headquartered in Kirkland, WA, Rightside has offices in North America and Europe. For more information please visit www.rightside.co.

Rightside Opens .GAMES for Gamers and Developers to Create “Awesome URLs”

dotgames-logoRightside Group launched the .GAMES domain extension Wednesday aiming it at a rapidly growing base of gamers and developers that want to use their domain as a meaningful, marketable way to connect with their audiences.

Following the Sunrise Phase where trademark holders could preregister names, .GAMES became Rightside’s number-one performing new generic top level-domain (new gTLD), seeing applications from virtually every major studio, including Activision Publishing, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, and Ubisoft Entertainment.

“Whether used as a primary website address or a redirect back to a mothership brand, the shift toward new TLDs is becoming more mainstream in markets where the domain is an integral part of a website owner’s identity, branding strategy, or plans to extend marketing reach,” said Rightside CEO Taryn Naidu. “As Internet culture continues to shift toward social media, live streaming, a rapidly breaking news cycle, and gaming, our TLDs like .SOCIAL, .LIVE, .NEWS, and now .GAMES open countless opportunities to create unique IDs.”

Intersection of Passion and Business

The introduction of .GAMES domains coincides with a gaming industry spike which is expected to reach nearly $100 billion in revenue in 2016 among video games alone, in addition to tabletop games, casino gaming, and sporting events. A 2015 survey by the International Game Developers Association indicated that 42 percent of respondents felt that finding better discovery mechanisms for their games was “very important” to the growth of the gaming industry. From a domain perspective, there are more than 400,000 unique websites with “games” in their domain’s URL, promising a large addressable market for the .GAMES TLD.

Steve Jackson Games, a publisher of books, games, and magazines for game fans, sees .GAMES as an opportunity to share its passion for gaming and to creatively engage with and grow its online audience. The company redirects an exact-match domain, SteveJackson.Games, to their homepage and uses a branded link shortener, SJ.Games for social media links and print ads.

“The SJ.Games URL provides us with a useful alternative in the comic book and magazine ads we place. Every little centimeter on an ad matters so saving room is essential,” said Rhea Friesen, Marketing Director at Steve Jackson Games and tabletop game enthusiast. “As an added bonus, shorter URLs are more convenient for customers interested in our games.”

Exciting new use cases include:

  • Halo.Games and Xbox.Games – Microsoft redirects to Bing search results for the Halo and Xbox series
  • F1.Games and GrandPrix.Games – Formula 1 Racing
  • Telltale.Games – Developer known for episodic adventure games with licenses to produce games for The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Minecraft, and Batman
  • 888poker.Games – Second-largest online poker brand
  • Sila.Games – Digital game download store
  • MonteCarlo.Games – Casino and gaming operator Societe des Bains de Mer
  • CoolMath.Games – Online game aggregator page, loosely themed around math education

Rightside Declines Donuts’ $70m Offer For Its gTLDs

Rightside have rejected the Donuts cash offer of $70 million for its entire registry of new generic Top Level Domains “after careful consideration and in consultation with its independent financial and legal advisors”.Partly explaining their rejection, Rightside noted in a news release the “registry business that Donuts has proposed to acquire is the cornerstone of the company’s long-term target model.” The company is targeting annual registry revenue over the next three to five years of between $50 and $75 million. In their most recent financial announcement covering the first quarter of 2016, Rightside said their registry services revenue grew 64 percent to $2.6 million.Currently Rightside have 40 new gTLDs delegated with all but one having entered General Availability and registrations approaching 546,000, or 2.38 percent of all domains registered in new gTLDs, according to nTLDstats.com.The largest new gTLD registry operator by new gTLDs is Donuts with 194 and by registration numbers is xyz.com with over 6.476 million registrations, the largest being .xyz with over 6.458 million.Only time will tell if the Donuts offer is testing the waters and a subsequent higher offer comes in the near future.”Rightside’s Registry business is core to the Company’s strategy and provides the best opportunity to deliver long-term shareholder value. After thoughtful evaluation, Rightside’s Board has determined that Donuts’ proposal significantly undervalues Rightside’s Registry assets,” said Taryn Naidu, CEO of Rightside. “We believe Donuts’ proposal is an opportunistic attempt to acquire Rightside’s valuable portfolio of domain extensions with an undervalued price and in a manner that would not be in the best interests of Rightside shareholders.”Naidu added, “The Board and management are aligned on a clear strategy – building Rightside’s position as a leading domain name company that specializes in delivering new possibilities for consumers and businesses to define and present themselves online. We operate broad distribution assets and have acquired an outstanding portfolio of 40 new gTLDs that map to extremely large addressable markets and the culturally transformative activities that have shaped the world’s use of the Internet. We are well-positioned for growth.””Rightside and its shareholders have many reasons to be excited about the Company’s future opportunities. We remain confident that we have the right people, technology and products to continue to execute on our strategy and maximize shareholder value.”

Rightside Issues Statement to Respond to Donuts Proposal

Rightside logo[news release] Rightside Group, Ltd., a leading provider of domain name services that advance the way businesses and consumers define and present themselves online, confirms receipt of an unsolicited, non-binding proposal from Donuts Inc. to acquire Rightside’s entire registry of generic top-level domains and related assets for $70 million in an all-cash deal.

Rightside appreciates Donuts’ interest in these assets and also shares their enthusiasm for the Registry business. The Company’s Board of Directors and management team remain committed to maximizing long-term shareholder value and as such they will evaluate any proposal to determine whether it is in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders.

About Rightside
Rightside® inspires and delivers new possibilities for consumers and businesses to define and present themselves online. The company, with its affiliates, is a leading provider of domain name services, offering one of the industry’s most comprehensive platforms for the discovery, registration, usage, and monetization of domain names. In addition to being a new gTLD registry operator, Rightside is home to some of the most admired brands in the industry, including Enom and Name.com. Headquartered in Kirkland, WA, Rightside has offices in North America, Europe , and Australia. For more information please visit www.rightside.co.

Donuts Seeks to Acquire Entirety of Rightside Group’s gTLD Registry

Donuts logo[news release] Donuts Inc., the world’s largest operator of new domain name extensions, today publicly announced its interest in acquiring Rightside Group, Ltd.’s entire registry of generic top-level domains (gTLDs, also known as domain extensions) and related assets for $70 million in an all-cash deal.

Donuts believes that this potential transaction presents a strong strategic opportunity to bolster Donuts’ industry-leading gTLD portfolio and is compelling for Rightside and its investors. Donuts previously expressed its interest to Rightside relating to a potential acquisition for these assets but Rightside has repeatedly disregarded the offer.

This move is in keeping with Donuts’ stated strategy of expanding its selection of not-com domain extensions, such as .movie, .LTD, .agency, .email, .school, .group, and many more, each providing a more descriptive and creative means for big brands, entrepreneurs, and dreamers alike to brand their businesses, products and services. Donuts already leads the industry, having secured 196 domain extensions, and is best positioned to market these assets by driving industry consolidation.

Donuts’ Acquisition of Rightside’s Registry Business – A Win for All Parties

  • Separating Rightside’s registry and registrar businesses is the best approach to unlocking value in both businesses, providing Rightside with substantial capital for investor liquidity and the optionality to invest in and grow its core registrar businesses.
  • The proposed acquisition complements Donuts’ current portfolio and expands the range of domains and related services that Donuts can offer, further enhancing what is already the greatest portfolio of domain extensions.
  • Donuts is the optimal acquirer for Rightside’s registry business given Donuts’ leadership in the marketplace, the parties’ long-standing business relationship, our shared technology platform, and regulatory considerations, all of which ensure the highest certainty of deal closure.

About Donuts

Donuts securely operates the largest number of the Internet’s top-level domain names and provides varied and relevant online identities, in multiple languages and character sets, to businesses, individuals, and organizations worldwide. Donuts is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and London. For more information, please visit www.donuts.domains.

Forward Looking Statement

Certain statements in this press release are “forward-looking statements.” Words indicating future events, performance, results and actions, such as “will” and “believe,” and variations of such words, and similar expressions identify forward-looking statements, but their absence does not mean that a statement is not forward-looking. The forward-looking statements in this press release include, among others, statements regarding interactions with and actions relating to investors and execution of business strategies. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future actions, events or performance, which may vary materially from those expressed or implied in such statements.

Letter to Rightside regarding Registry Transaction

The text of a letter sent to the Chief Executive Officer of Rightside on June 24, 2016:

Rightside Group, Ltd.
Board of Directors
c/o Taryn Naidu
5808 Lake Washington Blvd. NE, Suite 300
Kirkland, WA 98033

Dear Taryn:

Following due consideration, we have concluded that it is in the best interest of both Donuts Inc. (“Donuts”) and the investors of Rightside Group, Ltd. (“Rightside”) that Donuts should publicly present our interest in acquiring Rightside’s entire generic top-level domain (“gTLD”) portfolio and related assets (the “Transaction”). To date, we have expressed our interest in the Transaction in a May 26, 2016 letter to Rightside’s Board of Directors and have spoken to you and another member of Rightside’s Board of Directors directly, but have been repeatedly denied a broader conversation with your Board.

Our proposal represents an undeniably compelling case for all parties involved. For Donuts, Rightside’s collection of gTLDs complements Donuts’ current business and expands the range of domains and related services we can offer, bolstering what is already the greatest range of “not-com” options and economies of scale in the registry market today. For Rightside and its investors, separating Rightside’s registry and registrar businesses would unlock substantial value for both businesses by, among other things, allowing each to focus on their strengths and avoiding channel conflict. We firmly believe that Donuts offers Rightside a differentiated ability to consummate the Transaction in an efficient manner and with an exceptionally high level of certainty.

We note that our all-cash offer of $70 million represents approximately 40% of Rightside’s current market capitalization to acquire assets that contribute approximately 5% of its revenue. We believe strongly in the value of those assets, which we trust will appreciate substantially in Donuts’ consolidated portfolio and business model. But we have an equal amount of conviction that Rightside’s registry portfolio’s full value will go unrealized as long as it remains conjoined to your registrar businesses. Correspondingly, we believe the valuation of Rightside’s registrar businesses are also constrained under your current operating model. A separation of the registry and registrar assets will unlock stockholder value and allow you to focus on your core business, which is generating approximately $200 million in annual sales.

We believe Rightside would do best for its stockholders to acknowledge that our case is sound and work with us to enter into the Transaction. The overwhelming evidence validates the Transaction’s merits; enterprises of your size operating both registry and registrar businesses under “vertically integrated” models have poor track records of performance due to, among other things, inherent and inimical channel and supplier conflicts. For example, Rightside earns approximately 20% of its registry’s revenue from just one of its registrar’s competitors, GoDaddy Inc., and pays approximately 43% of your registrar’s revenue to just one of your registry’s competitors, VeriSign, Inc. Rightside’s recent performance, and the similar struggles Minds + Machines Group Limited encountered while employing the same basic model, underscore the problems with vertical integration in this space. Rightside and its investors should note the improved financial performance that Minds + Machines has enjoyed following abandonment of that model in favor of operating as a pure-play business.

We remain convinced that this is a deal that represents the best possible outcome for all involved. Unfortunately, the merits of our proposal have not, to date, been appropriately discussed or considered. Donuts is the leader in the new gTLD industry, we fully understand the business we seek to acquire, and we believe we can offer unrivaled certainty and efficiency to consummate the proposed transaction due to, among other things, our geographic proximity and the shared DNA between our two companies. We trust that you will give this proposal the full consideration it deserves and seek the counsel of your investors in doing so. Time remains of the essence. While this $70 million proposal is non-binding, Donuts has the cash to consummate the Transaction but is considering other strategic objectives in parallel. Therefore, we look forward to discussing this opportunity for mutual benefit with you and your Board within two weeks.

Very truly yours,

Paul Stahura

cc: Donuts Inc. Board of Directors
David Rostov, Donuts Inc. CFO
Alvaro Alvarez, Donuts Inc. SVP, General Counsel and Secretary
Tim Favia, Donuts Inc. VP, Corporate Development

Chinese Go Big On .VIP As Total New gTLD Registrations Pass 18 Million

The .vip new gTLD entered General Availability on 17 May and has had the biggest launch of any of the new gTLDs, reaching 203,720 registrations five days later.The figures are from nTLDstats.com and show .vip is now the 18th largest of the new gTLDs with almost 210,000 registrations. Registrations have been dominated by Chinese registrars with 20 of the top 25 registrars for .vip domains being based in China. And up until 22 May, these registrars “The strong launch has also been a boon financially for the .vip registry, Minds + Machines (MMX). The company noted that in terms of billings and orders received for .vip domains by 22 May, the combined total to date is US$3.2million, and the gTLD was acquired via auction for $3.1 million.MMX is confident that renewal rates have the potential to be meaningful as no “freemium” strategies or equivalent were used during the launch phase to generate initial volume.”The Chinese market for top-level domains is real and we are delighted to have accessed this key region through the .vip launch,” said Toby Hall, CEO of MMX. “It is a major milestone for the Company, the new management team and our business model centred on working with best-in-class partners across every aspect of our business so as to best monetize our assets while maintaining a tight control on central overheads. It demonstrates that, when properly executed, how quickly the initial investment costs for a domain can be recovered and the potential for a strong recurring revenue established. The .vip launch equally illustrates how as a b2b business we do not have to burn funds on marketing to reach end-consumers and achieve outstanding results. Not only is .vip creating an exceptional platform through which to grow our presence in the expanding Asia market, it is providing an excellent template on how best to reach end-markets that can be potentially mirrored across our portfolio.”And the launch of .vip has contributed to the total number of domains registered across all new gTLDs surging past 18 million with total registrations now standing at 18.009 million. The largest of the new gTLDs remains .xyz with 2.885 million followed by .top with .2.377 million and then .wang with 1.070 million. These are the only new gTLDs with registrations passing the one million mark.Overall there are 24 new gTLDs with more than 100,000 registrations and 163 with more than 10,000.It’s not just with .vip that China dominates registrations. Of all domains registered, the registrant is located in China for 9.642 million domains or 53.54 percent. Registrants are located in the USA for 10.6 percent (1.910m) and German registrants come third with 2.92 percent of all registrants (525,000). For 14.2 percent of domains the location of the registrant is unknown.On the registry side of things, the largest is XYZ.COM with six new gTLDs and 2.897 million domains followed by Famous Four Media (15 new gTLDs and 2.855 million registrations) followed by Jiangsu Bangning Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. with 2.377 million domains for its .top gTLD. Donuts is the fourth largest new gTLD registry with 193 new gTLDs and 1.704 million domains.Of the backend registry providers, CentralNic is the largest with 35 new gTLDs and 4.194 million registrations followed by ZDNS with 17 new gTLDs and 4.134 million domains, Neustar with 144 new gTLDs and 3.792 million domains and then Rightside with 2.222 million domains and 232 new gTLDs.