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Cameroon Launches Promotional Campaign For .CM

The Cameroon government has launched a promotional campaign to boost registrations and use of the country’s ccTLD .cm with a huge reduction in registration fees, according to a report in Business in Cameroon.

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Netcom.CM – opens 2nd level to the world!

Netcom.CM LogoOn Friday November 15 2008, Netcom.CM opened up 2nd level .CM domain name registrations to the world.

Mr Moustapha Saya Kaigama, president of NETCOM.cm says, “This is a very exciting time for us, and a big dream come true. Today we see the CM name space open to everyone worldwide. We are very pleased that we can offer 2nd level .CM domain registrations (CO.CM COM.CM and NET.CM). This is also a great opportunity to get your very own Cameroon domain name”.

Even since the inception of ccTLDs, the Republic of Cameroon has lagged behind other ccTLD providers due to lack of infrastructure and technical expertise. With the help of its valued partners, and the founding of Netcom.CM Sarl,  the Republic of Cameroon is pleased to be able to provide their own ccTLD name space to the world.

Moustapha exclaims, “We expect the CM name space to grow in popularity and over time become a dominant ccTLD name space”. Moustapha continues, “I would also like to thank our esteemed team of registrars. Without them, this launch would not be successful”.

Second Level CM domain names can be registered through any accredited Netcom Registrar.